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  • How To Identify The Quality Management Problems Of Stone Plastic Composite Flooring?

How To Identify The Quality Management Problems Of Stone Plastic Composite Flooring?

spc flooring

1. The demand for goods cannot put the quotation in the first place, because the price is generally related to the quality. Many amateur clients only ask about the price of stone plastic flooring products first, and then the quality, thinking that as long as it is stone plastic flooring, and it always can be used. This allows unscrupulous merchants to take advantage of low prices to attract customers. Customers will soon find quality problems, but generally such products are not warranted, resulting in unnecessary loss of customer service. The main raw materials of SPC flooring are polyvinyl chloride and stone powder. Polyvinyl chloride is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource at room temperature. Stone powder is a natural material with zero formaldehyde, which is more environmentally friendly. The stone plastic composite floor production line is a widely used equipment in the building materials industry. The stone plastic composite floor is also called stone-plastic floor tiles. The formal name should be “PVC vinyl floor”. It is a new type of floor developed by high-quality, high-tech research and development. The decoration material uses natural marble powder to form a solid base layer with high density and high fiber network structure, and the surface is covered with a super wear-resistant polymer PVC wear-resistant layer, which is processed through hundreds of procedures.

2. According to the current analysis of the development status of the products of stone-plastic flooring and online sales of flooring companies, the quotation price is not as cheap as several research statuses: A. Use some soft and thin materials to make the floor reach the lowest industry standard and reach a normal level The load-bearing capacity requirements; B. Some cinder or other related impurities are filled in the base material. Due to the poor layout, there will be impurity blocks or cinders falling out when cutting, which will not only make the floor soft, but also deformed simply, and cannot directly reach the load. Demand; C. Use a variety of glues, because there is a problem with good quality glue and the general use of glue, there is an inevitable price difference, such an operation makes the floor veneer bubbling and hollowing and cracking; D. Using fireproof board or too thin general as a veneer, the fireproof board cannot achieve anti-static and abrasion resistance, and it is very simple and cracked; E. The most easily overlooked point by customers, the floor accessories are general non-standard accessories, the brackets and beams are frivolous, and the whole body is formed after the protection device It is soft and there is a risk of falling.

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