How to identify the quality of the spc floor?

The spc floor backlayer is usually beige, black, white, gray and black.

The different colors reflect the difference in the pvc material used in the production process. The beige color is pure PVC material, and the toughness and wear resistance of the floor are the highest. Black is recycled pvc material, and the toughness of the floor is slightly worse. Both white and grey are combained with new and recycled materials, and the performance of the floor is between pure new and recycled materials. 

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Under normal circumstances, whether it is pure new materials, recycled materials, or mixed materials, it is environmentally safe. However, it is not excluded that there will be a little bit of odor, which is mostly the smell of chemical reagents left in the treatment of pvc materials, and will disappear soon after ventilation.

In addition, there is a simple and effective test method to judge the materials used for the floor: the mobile phone flashlight attached to the floor, pure new materials has good light transmission, and the admixture and the recycled material are opaque, or the light transmission is very poor.

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Look at the work through the lock sysytem. The lock on the edge of the spc lock floor is an important indicator to measure the quality of the floor. The good lock sysytem are even and even, and they are ready to be shot when paving, and the whole body is flat and smooth, saving time and labor.The lock system is also the most vulnerable part of the spc lock floor and is easily damaged during transportation. The material used and the well-worked floor are relatively firmer because of better flexibility and strength. But be cautious when packing and transporting. 

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Adhesion of the floor wear layer is also an important indicator. The spc lock floor is made of multiple layers. From top to bottom, the wear layer, the color film layer and the bottom layer are in order. The fit of the floor can be tested by tearing the wear layer. First, draw a knife mark from the back of the floor, and then cut off the bottom layer of the floor along the knife mark. At this time, because of the presence of the wear layer and the color film layer, the two pieces that are broken will be connected together. Lift one of the pieces and forcefully pull it. If the wear layer and the color film layer of the surface are completely taken down, it means that the bonding fastness of the floor is not high enough, and the floor peeling may occur during the later use; During the tearing process, the wear layer and the film layer are torn, indicating that the bonding fastness is very high.

Measuring thickness spc lock flooring with a thickness of 4 mm on the market is the most common. It is normal if the thickness error is within 0.2 mm when measuring. However, if it exceeds this range, it means that the manufacturer's equipment accuracy is poor, or the manufacturer intentionally cut corners.

UTOP SPC Floor has been internationally tested by Floorscore, CE, SGS and others. In the FLOORSCORE certification, there are not only E0-E1 formaldehyde emission limitation standards, but also the evaluation of volatile organic compounds (VOC), heavy metals and other toxic volatiles,so UTOP SPC Floor can give you a safe and healthy environment!

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