How to maintain and clean SPC floors?

Due to the practicality, versatility and aesthetics of SPC flooring, the newest type of vinyl flooring - SPC flooring is becoming more and more successful. But is cleaning just as quick and easy as installation? Here's a detailed guide with tips and tricks on how to clean SPC floors, but also be aware that for anyone who needs to refurbish or install vinyl floors here Said this way of maintenance and cleaning is the best option.

How to maintain and clean SPC floors?

SPC vinyl flooring is a very modern product that can provide relatively complete functions, so it has gained a strong consensus in the market. It is not only about versatility in decorative purposes and aesthetics, but also about the practicality of the decoration. The resistance of this type of vinyl flooring to liquids makes it a suitable product for installation, even in rooms where cleaning must be done frequently and quickly. The fact that it is so easy to install/clean without any special maintenance requirements is actually a very user-friendly feature. Durability and water resistance facilitate faster floor cleaning, saving a lot of time and factors that can damage the floor.

Although SPC floors are simple and easy to clean, consider that some maintenance can still extend the lifespan. So here we give you some SPC floor maintenance and cleaning tips:

Routine Maintenance of SPC Vinyl Flooring

Following a few simple tips will prevent the formation of dust and introduce elements that could scratch the SPC floor into the room:

Remember, cleaning surfaces regularly will prevent dust build-up and prevent dirt from getting dense.

Place a rug or doormat at the entrance to the room to immediately remove sand, stones, residue and any elements that might stain or scratch the floor;

Equip furniture and chairs with appropriate felt pads and place them under your feet to avoid scratches;

First clean immediately after installation to remove any residual dust.

First cleaning after installing the SPC floor

After completing work that can be restored or modernized, it is recommended to clean the environment that has undergone this change.

Use a bucket of warm water and a neutral neutral detergent.

Do not wipe vinyl floors unless they are completely dry to avoid streaks from dust.

Regular cleaning of SPC floors

Regular cleaning of SPC floors takes very little time and can be done with ease. Frequent cleaning of surfaces will help keep them shiny and beautiful over time. For this, it is recommended that you choose to use:

Please use a vacuum cleaner without clap to remove dust and dirt

Use a soft-bristle broom and remove loose dirt

Anti-static cloth attached to the SPC floor

Tip: However, you must wash it once a week. You will avoid dust that could seep into the soil.

Deep Clean SPC Floors

For SPC floors in low-traffic private homes, we recommend wet cleaning at least once a week. may be required in high-traffic areas

More frequent cleaning and maintenance. SPC vinyl floors are waterproof, but it is always best to prevent water from stagnant.

We recommend that you clean your SPC floors by following these tips:

Remove loose dust with a vacuum cleaner or soft-bristle broom before wet cleaning

Squeeze your daily care with a damp cloth or wet mop

Longitudinal friction relative to the direction of the rod

Make sure that there is no water on the floor and that it can be completely dried in a short period of time

You can use a dry mop or dry cloth to remove excess water

Remove stains with a mild detergent and a cleaning pad brush, then wipe clean with water

What should I avoid when cleaning SPC vinyl floors?

Avoid cleaning brushes that can leave dirt residue

Do not use ammonia products, bleach, chemical reagents

Do not use wax soaps or polishing products, cleaners, abrasive cleaners

Avoid using boiling water or steam to clean tools

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