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  • How to maintain the aesthetics of vinyl floor? Floor Care and Cleaning Guide

How to maintain the aesthetics of vinyl floor? Floor Care and Cleaning Guide

How to maintain the aesthetics of vinyl floor? Floor Care and Cleaning Guide

Like many finely crafted pieces, vinyl floors need maintenance to stay in good condition. With maintenance, your vinyl floors will maintain excellent quality for years to come, reducing the need for major floor renovations.

What is the knowledge of maintaining vinyl floors? What are the precautions for cleaning vinyl floors on weekdays? In fact, as long as you pay attention to some simple habits in daily life, you can extend the life of vinyl flooring. If you want the floor to be as beautiful and natural as refurbishment, the following are suggestions for proper maintenance and cleaning of wooden floors. You may wish to refer to:

1. Try to avoid bringing gravel and sand into the house
Maintaining vinyl floors starts from daily habits, so every time you step into the room, clean and dry the soles of your shoes with a floor mat to reduce dirt scratches or stains on the floor. It is recommended to remove shoes before stepping on vinyl floors.

vinyl flooringvinyl flooring

2. Add upholstery to the bottom of the furniture
If you want to take good care of vinyl floors, it is recommended to add cushions to the bottom of tables and chairs, and regularly pay attention to whether the cushions are in the proper position. If a wheelchair is available, place a protective pad on the floor. Do not use metal guards to avoid fraying or scratching vinyl floors.

3. Wipe the liquid off the floor
Although the structure and surface treatment of vinyl floors can effectively reduce the impact of moisture, drying the liquid as soon as possible can avoid the perfect moisture penetration into the floor to prevent warping problems, otherwise a large floor renovation project is required. When cleaning vinyl floors, it is recommended to use a slightly damp cloth or mop

vinyl flooring

4. Keep the ground clean
Dry mopping is the best way to clean vinyl floors. For daily cleaning of vinyl floors, simply sweeping away dust and wiping away stains is sufficient. If you use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the vinyl floor, please use it carefully to avoid scratching the vinyl floor with the suction head.

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