How to maintain the spc floor is the best?

As a more popular floor on the market at this stage, SPC floor is widely used in tooling and home improvement. However, wear and tear will occur during long-term daily use, which requires our regular maintenance. Regular maintenance of your floors will increase the life of your floors, and your floors will look as good as new. So, how to properly maintain the SPC lock floor?
Although compared with traditional solid wood floors, SPC floors have the advantages of being waterproof and wear-resistant. However, the SPC formaldehyde-free floor is the same as the general wooden floor. It cannot be scraped with cleaning balls or knives during normal cleaning. The stains that cannot be cleaned up by basic methods should be consulted with the relevant after-sales service staff before they are opened and eradicated. Do not use corrosive chemical products such as toluene and xylene when cleaning the spc floor, otherwise it will cause damage to the floor. In normal times, clean up and vacuum the floor, and use a slightly damp mop to eradicate the surface of the SPC lock floor; try to avoid direct ultraviolet light to avoid discoloration and fading of the floor.

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The best time to remove stains with SPC lock floors is to first wipe off the stains with a towel and then clean the ground with water before the stains are dry. Timely removal of stains on the spc floor is crucial for the spc lock floor. Although SPC floor has stronger wear resistance and durability than solid wood floor, it is not recommended to drag it directly on the floor when handling items, especially when there are sharp metal items at the bottom, so as to avoid harming the floor and affecting the appearance. For areas with high traffic flow and high wear and tear, carpets can be used to remove the sand from the upper, which can reduce the damage to the floor and shorten the maintenance cycle time of the spc floor. Use the surface wax to open the surface maintenance of the floor every quarter, which can increase the The service life of the floor
The diverse pictures of the SPC floor can make people feel happy. In addition, there are different degrees of elasticity when stepping on it. Children will not be in great danger if they fall. The elasticity and various colors of the spc floor make the decoration effect better.

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