How to solve the loss of floor during decoration?

The highest level of materials used in decoration is no more, no less, just used up. It is really incredible to be able to reach this level, because there is material loss during the decoration process, so we need to consider the margin when buying decoration materials. As far as floor covering materials are concerned, the floor area purchased is generally 5% more than the floor area of the house. The extra part is to deal with the loss of decoration and avoid insufficient materials.

Even experienced decorating masters dare not guarantee that the floor area they purchase will exactly meet the needs of the decorated room. Therefore, the parts that are cut off during the paving and cannot be reused are the wasted floors. So how much is the floor loss is normal, the country has made a standard for this, the loss of floor paving should be between 3%-5%.

So how to reduce the loss of the floor? The following UTOP gives a few points.

1. Choose a suitable paving method, commonly used floor paving: one-half paving method, three-six-nine paving method, circulation paving method. The one-half paving method is also called the I-shaped method. The ground visual effect is the best, the floor is neat, the symmetry effect is good, and it has a good decorative effect, but it is also the most lossy paving method. The three-six-nine paving method is also called the 1/3 paving method. The symmetry effect is not very good, but the paving follows a certain rule, and the loss is less than the one-half method. The cyclic paving method starts from the side of the wall and follows the paving piece by piece. The paving is random and irregular, so the loss is the least, but the aesthetics is the worst. If the paving effect is good, it will inevitably be modified due to the arrangement rules, which will naturally increase the loss of the floor, so you can choose the paving method according to the demand for loss rate and aesthetics.

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2. Choose floor size. The higher the matching degree between house size and floor size, the lower the loss of the floor. Large-sized floors are less flexible in decoration than small-sized floors, so the number of cuts for large-sized floors in the decoration process will be more than that of small-sized floors.

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