How to solve the problem of floor soaking in water?

As we all know, the water soaking of the SPC floor will damage the floor, so in daily life, we must pay attention not to let the SPC floor soak for a long time. But there are always natural and man-made disasters, so it is inevitable that the floor will be soaked in water. What if the SPC floor is soaked? Today, we will talk about the recovery tips of the SPC floor soaking in water.

SPC floor water recovery tips 1: if the water on the SPC floor is a small area, you can remove the skirting line of the SPC floor, expose the expansion joint, rely on the expansion joint to evaporate the water clean, and then let the SPC floor drying operation, about five days to half a month, must achieve complete drying. In addition, do not pry the SPC floor open, it will cause serious damage to the floor, if it is serious, it cannot be recovered.

SPC floor water recovery tips 2: for not serious soaking SPC floor, in addition to the surface water in a short period of time to dry, a small area of the available vacuum cleaner in the water SPC floor splicing gap to absorb water vapor, or use a hairdryer with cold air to dry. Do not use hot air to prevent the surface from cracking and deformation due to heating and drying. The soaking area is relatively large, you can consider using air conditioning refrigeration to dehumidify, close the doors and windows of the room, turn on the air conditioning to a lower temperature, and most of them can become dry in a day or so.

SPC floor soaking recovery tips 3: if the SPC floor is seriously soaked, it is necessary to keep the floor as dry as possible without deformation. If conditions permit, when cleaning up the site, it is necessary to inform the professional customer service personnel of the SPC core flooring factory to handle it on site. Because of the different materials, the SPC floor and laminate floor are soaked in water after treatment is also slightly different. If the floor needs to be partially replaced, the inventory and batch of the floor that needs to be replaced should be checked before the workers come to the door because only the floor with the same color and specification as the original floor can be used, otherwise, the effect will not be ideal.

SPC because of its many advantages, has become the first choice for many families' decoration material, but no matter what floor, in daily use should pay attention to maintenance and maintenance. If you encounter the problem of SPC floor soaking in water, don't panic, you can take a look at several tips summarized by us.

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