Installation method of skirting board

1. Drilling

Before drilling, observe the wiring of hydropower to prevent errors. The interval between drilling holes should not be too large, otherwise the skirting will be difficult to stick to the wall. Drill holes in the wall with special tools. The common length of the baseboard is 2m. In order to fix the baseboard more firmly, the interval between drilling holes should be about 40cm, and the interval at the interface should be smaller. Nail the small wooden strip into the hole just made. The nails fixing the baseboard are nailed to this wooden strip and directly nailed to the wall, the nails are easy to loosen.

Note: Since the pipes of the hydropower project are buried on the wall, the position of the pipe is directly under the switch socket. The position should be calculated when punching to avoid damage.

2. Fixed

Before fixing the skirting board, the wall surface should be leveled and cleaned. Otherwise, the skirting board cannot be fully attached to the wall surface after it is installed, leaving an unsightly gap. Look at the location of the hole and fix the nail to the baseboard. When fixing, pay attention to whether the baseboard is close to the wall, and the nails should also be completely submerged in the baseboard, which can not be seen.

Note: Whether it is a polymer, MDF, or wood skirting, it has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, so the skirting against the corner should be like the floor, leaving an expansion joint of about 1cm.

skirting board

3. Corner treatment

At the corners of the walls, where the baseboards intersect, the baseboard edges should be cut at a 45-degree angle so that no ugly marks are left at the interface. Fix the cut skirting.

Note: The skirting of the corners must be cut at a 45-degree angle before they can be spliced and installed, otherwise it will affect the appearance.


Notes on the installation of baseboard

Use special threaded nails to fix the nails of the baseboard. This kind of fixing effect is better and not easy to loosen. Everyone should pay attention to whether manufacturers cut corners.

The baseboard was originally intended to cover the expansion joints of the floor and make the ground more beautiful. Therefore, the edges where the baseboards intersect should be smoothed with a planer.

The skirting line must be completely close to the wall, leaving no gaps, to be more beautiful, especially the corners. The flatness of the wall should be tested before installation.

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