Introduction to Utop wallboard

1. Heat preservation / insulation

The temperature difference between our board installation room and the ordinary board installation room is 7 degrees; compared with the paint, it is the best material for hot summer and cold winter wall decoration. This product has unique heat insulation performance, which completely solves the sunlight exposure on the top floor of the balcony, sunshine room and villa ceiling, and achieves obvious energy-saving effect. It also belongs to the state Energy saving decorative materials vigorously advocated.

2. noise insulation

The sound insulation of the product is up to 29 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound insulation of the solid wall. It is obviously used in the toilet to solve the problem of loud water noise in the sewer.

3. fire prevention

The fire protection level reaches B1, which basically meets the fire protection requirements of the project.

4. Super hardness 

This product has very high strength and toughness. The screw holding force of the product is 1140n. The wind resistance of the wall panel, sunshade and air conditioner cover decorated with the product can withstand the test of level 10 gale.

5. moistureproof

This product has moisture-proof performance, rainy season in southern China, which solves the problem that the wall of home decoration leaks to form decoration mildew, so that you have no worries.

6. Environmental protection

The raw materials used in this product are all environmental protection materials. The room installed as a whole has zero formaldehyde, zero radiation, green environmental protection, and can be installed and lived without smell, greatly reducing the occupancy time.

7. Convenient installation

This product adopts the installation method of gusset plate, which greatly solves the tedious installation of other wall panels, and does not need professional personnel. Ordinary carpenters can install it directly on the blank wall, saving labor, time and space. 

8. Easy to scrub without deformation

The surface of the product is strong and can be directly scrubbed with cloth. There is no problem of difficult scrubbing of decoration products. The product adopts polyurethane composite technology, and the product will not be deformed and aging after forming.

9. Fashionable and bright

This product has a wide range of color cards, beautiful patterns, fashionable and bright matching Pu foot lines, lamp panels, European components, etc., and it can be directly used in various dreamlike combinations such as buckle, splicing, docking, etc.

10. Save space

This product does not use underframe for installation, but can be directly installed on the wall with screws, saving at least 5-10cm of wall space.

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