LVT self -sucking sliding floor

LVT (Loose Lay Flooring) Floor is a semi -hard sheet plastic floor. It is a high -grade elastic floor that can be used as a alternative to stone and tiles that can be used as a alternative to stone and tiles. , The same solid durability, but lighter than it, provides more warm texture, is also easy to install and manage, suitable for various types of building space.

The characteristics of LVT self -sucking sliding floor
Green Environmental Protection: The main raw material for the production of LVT flooring is polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride is an environmentally friendly non -toxic renewable resource. Its environmental protection does not need to worry;

Ultra -strong wear resistance: There is a special LVT wear -resistant layer on the surface of the LVT floor, and its wear resistance can reach 300,000 rpm. 5-10 years can be used under normal circumstances according to different wear resistance thickness;

High flexibility and super resistance: LVT flooring is soft, so it is very flexible. Under the impact of heavy objects, it has good elastic recovery ability;

Fire fire burning retardant: Quality LVT flooring fireproof indicators can reach B1 level, B1 level also means that the fire resistance performance is very good, second only to stone;

Convenient maintenance: The maintenance of the LVT floor is very convenient, and the ground can be wiped with a mop. If you want to keep the floor -lasting and bright effect, you only need to wax and maintain it on a regular basis. The number of maintenance times is far lower than the enhanced floor.

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