Maintenance of different floors

1. Wooden floor



It is formed by drying and processing natural wood, also known as log floor.


Advantages: natural texture; environment protection It is warm in winter and cool in summer, with good touch and elasticity; Good sound insulation, sound absorption and insulation performance; Refurbishable.



Disadvantages: not wear-resistant, easy to lose luster; It should not be used in places with large humidity changes, otherwise it is easy to deform; Afraid of acid, alkali and other chemicals corrosion, afraid of burning.



Selection method: check whether the edge is straight, whether there are burrs, cracks, insect holes, etc; Check whether the surface is sprayed with paint smoothly, without bubbles, folds, etc; Put together several floors to see whether they are sewn and leveled, and whether there is a height gap and a length difference; The moisture content should be between 8 and 13%.



Maintenance method: use a semi dry mop when cleaning; Good, waxing once a quarter; Try to avoid contact with a large amount of water; Avoid wiping with acid-base liquid to avoid damaging the surface; Avoid scratching the ground.



Suitable places for laying: bedroom, living room, study, etc. of ordinary residence.


2 Laminate floor



Also known as impregnated paper laminated wooden floor, it is composed of wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high-density substrate layer and balance (moisture-proof) layer.


Advantages: a wide range of price options and applications; There are many varieties of designs and colors; Good dirt resistance, acid and alkali resistance, easy to maintain; Good anti slip performance; Wear resistant, antibacterial, not moth eaten, mildew; Not affected by temperature and humidity; Good fire resistance; Light weight, reducing the load of the building; Convenient laying.



Disadvantages: the foot feel is not as good as solid wood floor; Poor repairability; There is a certain formaldehyde emission problem.




Selection method: the wear-resistant revolution of household floors should usually be more than 6000 revolutions, and the floors laid in public places should usually be more than 9000 revolutions; Products with national environmental protection mark certification should be selected.


Maintenance method: after laying, keep indoor air circulation; Avoid scratching the surface; Avoid soaking in water.


Suitable places for laying: ordinary houses and public places

 3 Solid wood composite floor



Cut the high-quality solid wood into single pieces of surface plate, core plate and bottom plate, and then paste the three kinds of single pieces with glue according to the vertical, horizontal and vertical three-dimensional arrangement method, and press them into plates at high temperature, which are divided into three layers and multiple layers. The surface layer of the three-layer solid wood composite floor is made of high-quality precious wood flakes, and the middle and bottom layers are made of fast-growing wood by hot pressing with glue. The multilayer solid wood composite floor is made of multilayer plywood as the base material, and the surface layer is made of hardwood veneer or planed veneer, which is hot pressed with glue.



Advantages: natural and beautiful, comfortable feet; Wear resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance; Flame retardant, mould proof and moth proof; Sound insulation and heat preservation; Not easy to deform; Convenient laying.



Disadvantages: if the bonding quality is poor, degumming will occur; The surface layer is thin, so attention must be paid to maintenance during use.



Selection method: check whether the color and texture of the surface wood are clear; Check whether the tongues and grooves around are flat.



Maintenance method: clean regularly to prevent scratching the surface; Do not use a wet cloth when wiping; Avoid exposure to the sun.



Suitable places for laying: bedroom, living room, study, etc. of ordinary residence. In geothermal environment, multi-layer solid wood floor has strong heat resistance and is less prone to deformation.

4. spc floor

Utop spc floor use 100% virgin material ,healthy ,durbale and stable . That is rigid floor ,perfect to use in residential and commercial buildings ,all kinds of colors and design .


Maintenmance :clean regularly ,use a wet towel to clean is ok ,dont need to use special detergent .

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