Online Canton Fair live broadcast of utop spc floor

Spc flooring is considered as a new generation of floor materials characterized by extreme stability, high performance, hundred percent waterproofing;The flooring has a fire rating of B f 1,which can be self-extinguishing from the fire. it can be easily installed on different types of ground bases, concrete, ceramics or already-installed flooring, the installation speed at least four times faster than traditional method,which saves the cost of labor in a degree. This is a formaldehyde-free, completely safe floor material for residential and commercial environments.

spc flooring

Today utop spc floor participated in the online Canton Fair. In order to give customers a better experience, we will conduct product tests in the live broadcast to show the characteristics of the spc floor truly. At the same time, you can also interact with us in the live broadcast room to receive discounts and free samples ! Welcome everyone to watch our live broadcast, our booth number is:10.2K48


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