Precautions for winter PVC plastic floor installation

In winter, PVC plastic flooring has a lot of details in terms of transportation and paving. PVC flooring is shipped from the factory to the cargo station all the way, and then non-stop shipped to different places around the country. Experienced large temperature fluctuations.

In order to better complete the construction tasks of the floor, it is recommended that all construction units must strictly follow the requirements of the PVC floor construction process in the floor construction. Do not ignore the construction conditions blindly during the construction period, otherwise the losses caused are incalculable.

1.External environment

Measure the ground temperature at the construction site. If it is lower than 10 ℃, no construction should be performed.

12 hours before and after construction, take necessary measures to keep indoor temperature above 10 ℃

If it is applied on cement ground, check whether the ground is sufficiently dry (requires moisture content less than 4.5%)

The temperature near entrances, doors, and windows is relatively low. It is necessary to check whether the temperature requirements are met in advance, and try to avoid ground construction with poor insulation measures.

2. Transportation and loading of PVC flooring

The temperature is low in winter and the material is hard.

3.Storage of pvc plastic floor

Materials must be stored indoors and kept upright for safety precautions.

4. The influence of temperature on the construction of PVC plastic floor

The temperature of the PVC floor construction site is required to be above 15 ° C. When the temperature is too low, installation of the floor is prohibited.

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