Preperation tips before installation of LVT flooring

LVT flooring is more and more loved by customers in the home improvement and public installation markets for its superior product performance and rich color matching. In the traditional form of sheet, it has inherited the storage and transportation of wooden flooring, and the installation convenience, while surpassing wooden flooring This is a concrete manifestation of the world theme, a new era and new fashion that has passed through the millennia. For this excellent flooring material, the simplicity of construction is not a cause for concern, let's introduce the small knowledge of the construction of LVT sheet flooring!

Transportation and storage of LVT floor

1. The finished packaging box must be placed in a clean and dry indoor area, away from any impurities.

2. Before installation, the sheets should be aligned in the package, and the stacking height should not exceed 1 meter.

3. The product is not suitable for storage in the following environments: extremely hot or cold, around, there are rust, rot and any sources of pollution, do not place heavy objects on the product.

4. Before paving, it should be stored for more than 48 hours. During installation, it must be kept above 15 degrees.

5. Pre-corrosion is required before installation. Let it stand for at least 24 hours to adapt to the ambient temperature.

Pavement requirements

1. The ground must be flat, clean and dry without cracks. Asphalt, oil stains, admixtures, etc. may cause discoloration of the floor.

2. Check the absorptivity of the ground floor, do not expose the ground to a close environment, and perform a moisture-proof treatment on the ground according to building standards. A corresponding moisture-proof film is required in the ground.

3. The temperature of the floor to be paved penetrates or is affected by sunlight, and special attention needs to be paid to the height and intensity of the floor.

4. The humidity of the floor to be paved is greater than 75%, and the CCM test method exceeds 2%, which will gradually cause adverse effects from subsequent activities. For marking, use a pencil.

Highest ratio: Drying time per cm of concrete floor is 2 weeks. Transmittance tests were performed according to local city code methods.

Absorptivity: Usually it takes less than 1 minute to absorb a drop of water, which means that the ground is too attractive. In this case, you need to use an absorbent interface processor before self-leveling. Use 1: 1.

Flatness: 2m pressure gauge tolerance is less than 2mm.

Hardness: The ground floor should have sufficient compressive and scratch resistance. You can use a hardness tester to measure ground hardness.

Pay attention to the above problems and use the correct installation method to ensure that the floor is laid.

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