PVC floor purchasing skills

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people will pay attention to their potential advantages when purchasing certain building materials. At present, PVC floor is the floor decoration material. At present, the shopping mall is relatively chaotic, so for many laymen, choose high-quality PVC floor is difficult. In order to let you better grasp the selection and purchase, let's talk about the selection skills for everyone.

1. Check the product sample.

There are sample books on the pvc floor for sale in the mall. There are actual product samples, product registered trademarks, product parameters and simple product structure diagrams on the samples. Product samples can see the thickness, quality, color, feel and other information of the product. Through the view of product samples, the quality of pvc floor can be roughly understood. In addition, when the product is formally purchased, it is necessary to compare the sample book and the real product, so as to avoid some small manufacturers from substantiating.

2. Check the test report.

In the production process of PVC floor, due to the chaotic production process, such as imprecise and strict production management, it will inevitably fail to meet the standards, such as formaldehyde, fire prevention, volatile substances, etc., during the laying and use process, it will bring certain The level of pollution has a great impact on the health of users.

3. Judge product quality.

In order to avoid the performance of PVC floor not meeting the national standard, the seller must provide the actual sample of the product for actual measurement.

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