Quiet SPC Flooring Brings You A Peaceful Living and Working Environment

Quiet SPC flooring is especially provided with an attached underlayment layer to reduce the noise walking on the floor and create a peaceful and quiet environment for your families and customers. It is widely used in homes, hospitals, labs, libraries and other places that requires a quiet environment.

Sound Insulation:Quiet SPC flooring comes with a certain level of soundproof properties. The attached underlayment layer can absorb and insulate noises, turning down the sound of heavy footsteps and noises from surrounding neighbourhood and allowing you enjoying a quiet environment.                   

Exceptional Durability:We offer a 25-year warranty for our residential SPC flooring and a 10-year warranty for our commercial SPC flooring. All our SPC flooring is provided with a wear layer that can withstand about 10,000 wear-resisting revolutions and higher. It ensures our SPC flooring works well in both residential and commercial environments.       

Formaldehyde Free:As the main components of SPC flooring are virgin PVC and natural limestone powder, therefore, all UTOP SPC flooring is non-toxic and formaldehyde free. It does no harm to the environment and human body and will not cause any eye, nose and throat irritation, other respiratory symptoms, and even cancer.         
100% Waterproof:As the SPC vinyl layer is completely waterproof, therefore, SPC flooring has excellent waterproof and dampproof performances. Mildew will not happen on SPC flooring and keep your floor as good as new. As a result, it is widely used in laundry rooms, bathrooms, basements and kitchens.       

Flame Retardant:According to the statistics of authoritative departments: 95% of the people injured in the fire is caused by toxic gas generated when burning. The main component of the SPC flooring is natural limestone powder, in case of fire, the SPC flooring has great flame retardant performance and will not produce asphyxiating toxic and harmful gas.                 

Warm Underfoot:SPC flooring has excellent thermal conductivity and can help maintain floor temperature so it does not get cold even during rainy days. Unlike the hard surface of ceramic floor, SPC flooring is soft and provides extra and comfort when standing or walking on it in barefoot. 

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