Scratched wood floors? How to fix?

Wooden floor is a commonly used decoration material. After a long time, the wooden floor will inevitably be broken, such as scratches, holes, etc. In this case, should we replace the wooden floor? Not necessarily, If there are small scratches, holes, etc., we can also repair it by repairing. So how to repair scratches on wooden floors? What are the tips for repairing holes?

First, the wood floor scratch repair method

Effective scratches on the wooden floor at home affect the overall appearance. If you want to repair, the repair methods are different according to the depth of the scratches, as follows:

1. For shallow scratches

If the scratches on the wooden floor are shallow, we can prepare a walnut, peel the walnut, take out a small piece of walnut kernel, and use the walnut kernel to wipe the scratches on the wood floor continuously. Remember to squeeze the walnut hard when wiping. So that you can squeeze out walnut oil to wipe and repair scratches on the floor. Of course, in addition to this, we can also buy floor oil for smearing, which can not only repair scratches, but also play a protective role. Besides, this is also more economical.

2. For scratches on the premise that the floor paint film is not damaged

If the paint film on the floor is not damaged and there is only a little scratch, you can polish it with polishing wax after cleaning the floor. Because polishing wax protects the luster of the floor, it can make the floor surface smooth, so it will not deepen the scars at the scratches.

3. For deep scratches

For solid wood floors with deep scratches, professional grinding equipment and German construction technology are needed to repair them. After multiple processes, the old paint scratches on the floor are ground off, and the fine wood chips are used to adjust the putty and scrape it on the floor to make up. After stitching, polishing and cleaning, apply professional floor paint.

4. For the large area of scratches on the wooden floor

If the floor is scratched in a large area, it is best to ask professional maintenance personnel to renovate or replace the floor.

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