Self-adhesive vinyl lvt floors

Self-adhesive floors, an easier way to decorate

Self-adhesive flooring is a new generation of flooring, a new type of environmentally friendly decoration material with more advantages than existing LVT and PVC floor leather. It has the functions of environmental protection, sound insulation, moisture resistance, scratch resistance, wear resistance, etc. It can be folded and can be used for arc and bending. Installation in special environment, easy to scrub and easy to take care of, non-toxic, non-formaldehyde, anti-mildew and anti-bacteria are more suitable for fast-installation market and second-hand housing renovation, rental housing decoration and other places.

The weight of the self-adhesive floor is very light, which is 1/10 of the weight of the wooden floor after construction, 1/20 of the weight of the tile floor after construction, and 1/25 of the weight of the SPC floor after construction. Lightweight and safe to transport, it can be easily installed by one person.

The surface layer of the self-adhesive floor has been treated with abrasion resistance, and the surface layer has the effects of waterproof, fireproof, oil-proof, anti-scratch and anti-scratch. It also has a marble or wood floor pattern, which looks very natural after being pasted.

The self-adhesive floor uses environmentally friendly glue, no benzene, no aldehyde, and strong stickiness. You only need to tear off the release paper at the bottom and stick it on. It can be easily and quickly attached to the ground, saving time and effort.

Self-adhesive floor does not require professional installers to install services. Before laying, clean the dust on the ground to ensure that the installation ground is flat, and then it can be directly pasted. It is better to do self-leveling or paving on ceramic tiles.

It can be used for cement floor, corner floor, old floor floor, floor heating floor, stair floor, corner floor, wall and other terrain installation.

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