Seventeen reasons for purchasing SPC floor

1, green environment: stone-plastic floor (sheet) main ingredient is natural stone powder, no radioactive elements, is a new decorative material for green. Any qualified SPC floor requires IS09000 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international green environmental protection certification. 

2, ultra-light ultra-thin: SPC floor is only 1.6mm-9mm thickness, only 2-7kg per square meter, in the building for building load and space savings, there is an unparalleled advantage, there is special in the old building transformation Advantage. 

spc floor

3, super wear resistance: SPC floor surface has a special high-tech processed transparent wear-resistant layer, and the super-wear-resistant layer of surface special treatment ensures excellent wear resistance of the ground material, the surface of the SPC floor surface The abrasive layer can be used in normal conditions according to the thickness of the thickness, and the thickness and quality of the wear layer directly determines the use time of the SPC floor, the standard test results show 0.55mm thick wear layer floor can be under normal conditions. More than 5 years, 0.7mm thick wear layer is enough to use more than 10 years   

4, high elastic and super strong impact: SPC floor quality is soft so that the elasticity is very good, there is a good elastic recovery under the impact of heavy objects, and the lamination of the coil is better, and the SPC floor has strong resistance. Impact, there is a strong elastic recovery for heavy impact destruction, which will not cause damage. The excellent SPC floor can minimize the damage to the human body, and can disperse the impact on the foot, and the latest research data indicate that the excellent SPC floor is facing the space of the people's traffic. And the ratio of injured is reduced by nearly 70% over other floors. 

5, super anti-slip: The wear-resistant layer of the SPC floor surface has special non-slip, and the SPC floor is more embarrassed in the case of adhesion compared to ordinary ground materials, and it is not easy to slip, that is, the more water astringent. Therefore, public places such as airports, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, etc. in public safety requirements are preferred ground decorative materials, which have been very popular in China in China. 

6, fire fire flame retardation: Qualified SPC floor fire protection indicators can reach B1, B1, the fire prevention performance is excellent, second only to stone. The SPC floor itself does not burn and prevents combustion; a toxic and harmful gas that does not produce interest (according to the number provided by the safety department: 95% injured in the fire is due to poisonous smoke and gas generated during burning From). 

7, waterproof moisture: SPC floor is naturally not afraid of water because of the main ingredients, and there is no affiliation, it is not afraid of water, as long as the long-term soaking will not be damaged; and not because the humidity is large. 

8, sound absorption and anti-noise: SPC floor has ordinary ground materials that cannot sound absorption effect, its sound absorption can reach 20 decibels, so in need quiet environment such as hospital ward, school library, report hall, theater, etc., you will Needless to influence your thinking with the sound of high heels and ground, SPC flooring can provide you with a more comfortable and more humane living environment. 9. Antibacterial properties: The SPC floor surface passes through special antibacterial treatment, and the SPC floor surface also increases antibacterial agents, which have strong killing capabilities and the ability to inhibit bacterial breeding. 

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10, the seam is small and seamless welding: the special color SPC sheet floor is strict construction installation, its seam is very small, the distance is almost invisible; the seamless welding technology for SPC coil floor can achieve complete Sewing, this is the unable to do the ordinary floor, and it can also maximize the overall effect and visual effects of the ground; the environment such as the overall effect of the ground, as well as the environment with high bactericidal disinfection SPC floors such as hospital operating rooms are the ideal choice. 

11. Crop stitching is simple: you can cut with a better artifact, and you can use different colors of materials to give full play to the intelligence of the designer, to achieve the most ideal decoration effect; enough to make your ground a art Products, make your living space become an artistic hall, full of art. 

12, installation shortcut: The installation construction of the SPC floor is very fast, no cement mortar, the ground conditions are good to bond the dedicated environmentally friendly binder, and it can be used after 24 hours. 

13, color variety: SPC floor has a wide variety, such as land blanket, stone pattern, wood grain, etc., can even achieve personalized customization. The texture is realistic, equipped with a colorful storage and decorative strip, can combine a beautiful decorative effect.

14. Corrosion resistance: Test by authoritative institutions, SPC floor has strong acid and alkali-resistant performance, can withstand the test of harsh environments, which is ideal for use in hospitals, laboratory, research institutes. 

15. Conductive warm: The thermal conductivity of the SPC floor is good, uniform heat dissipation, and the coefficient of thermal expansion is small, which is relatively stable. In Europe, America and Japan and other countries and regions, the SPC floor is the preferred product of the geothermal heat floor, which is ideal for family paving, especially in the cold area of China. 

16, convenient maintenance: The maintenance of the SPC floor is very convenient, and the ground is dirty with a drag. If you want to keep the floor-lasting bright, you can use it regularly to wax maintenance, and the number of maintenance is much lower than other floors. 

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17. Environmentally friendly renewable: Today is an era of pursuit of sustainable development, new materials new energy levels, SPC flooring is the only ground decorative material that can renew use, which has great significance for protecting our Earth's natural resources and ecological environments. At present, the floor industry is more chaotic, such as a lot of more than 30 yuan per flat SPC floor is unqualified, and even heavy metals and formaldehyde pollution, the industry is more well-known, Yongyu Floor, and Yongyou Floor.

texturedurabilityaesthetic degreeSafety and environmental protectionInstallation Conveniencecomfort level
floorPoor impact resistance, easy to wear, poor corrosion resistancenatural textureNon-toxic tasteless, consumption of large amount of hardwoodInstall complexSoft and comfortable, warm in winter and cool in summerCleaning and maintenance complexhigh
natural stoneGood impact resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistanceNatural texture, high smoothness, laying effect is goodSome stone materials have radioactive gases and harmful gasesHeavy quality, difficult transportation and installationCold texture, easy to water slipperyCleaning and maintenance complexhigh
ceramicGood impact resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistanceDecoration texture, rich colorSafe, high energy consumption in the production processHeavy quality, difficult to transport and installThe texture is cold and non-skidEasy to clean and maintainlow
carpetGood impact resistance, good wear resistance, poor corrosion resistanceDifficult coloring, single colorGeneral safety and environmental performanceInstall complexTexture soft,Cleaning and maintenance complexhigh
laminate flooring
Good impact resistance, general wear resistance and strong corrosion resistanceThe texture is naturalGeneral safety and environmental performanceeasy for installationMedium comfortEasy to clean and maintainlow
spcfloorGood impact resistance, wear and corrosion resistanceRich in color and patternNo formaldehyde, no stimulating smell, sound absorption and noise reductionLight weight, convenient transportation, simple installationSoft and comfortable, non-slipEasy to clean and maintainhigh

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