Several misconceptions about SPC flooring

The SPC flooring is a plastic flooring, not fireproof, SPC floor smell, not environmentally friendly, SPC flooring size stability is not as good as wood floor and laminate floor, not suitable for the answer to the three major problems in floor heating.

Several misunderstandings about SPC flooring:

1. The SPC floor is a plastic floor and is not fireproof.

The main raw material of SPC flooring is polyvinyl chloride and additives, which are processed strictly. And through the national fire detection level (SPC floor is B1), a true fireproof material.

2. SPC flooring has an odor, not environmentally friendly, and not a green product.

SPC floor is a green product. The formaldehyde emission of SPC floor is the lowest among all kinds of ground materials. It is tested by the relevant state departments, non-toxic and pollution-free, and the formaldehyde content is "zero".

Formaldehyde release:

The amount of release (mg/L) on the human body;

0.5-1.5 human nervous system effects;

1.5-2.0 eye itching, insomnia, etc.;

2.0-30 effects of trachea and lungs;

30-100 emphysema, pneumonia, other inflammation;

More than 100 deaths.

Test results: laminate flooring at 1.5, laminate flooring 2.7, SPC flooring is not detected.

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3. SPC floor dimensional stability is not as good as wood flooring and laminate flooring, not suitable for floor heating.

SPC flooring is bonded by special treatment process. The dimensional stability of the product is excellent. It is suitable for the surface of thermal expansion and contraction. Even if it is used on the floor with large moisture on the floor, it will not be deformed and can maintain its original condition for a long time. Therefore, the SPC floor is the most suitable floor for warming.

Heat and moisture deformation: After heating for 6 hours with boiling water, store at room temperature for 30 minutes. Experimental results: There is no change in the SPC floor, and the composite floor is deformed and layered.

Stability: After the floor was placed in an oven at 80 degrees for 6 hours, it was taken out and left at a normal temperature for 1 hour, and the longitudinal transverse change rate (%) of the test sample was measured. Experimental results: the longitudinal change rate of the floor is 0.08%, the lateral direction is 0.06%; the laminate flooring is 0.36% and 0.28% respectively.

4. What are the advantages of SPC flooring compared with ceramic tiles and stone?

First of all, tiles and stone are very hard materials, and the surface is smooth, which inevitably causes the feet to feel hard when walking, and the water on the ground is easy to slip and cause injury. Due to the advantages of its own materials, SPC flooring not only has the firmness of stone but also the softness of organic materials. All of them are also called "resilient floor", which makes people feel very comfortable when walking, and has the characteristics of "more water". Even if you accidentally fall, it will not hurt the person. More suitable for the elderly and children.

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