Several ways to choose high-quality spc floor

SPC FLOORING is a new type of flooring material that is both environmentally friendly and practical. Because of its outstanding appearance and performance, it has attracted people's attention soon after its listing. More and more homeowners are willing to choose SPC FLOORING to decorate their home space. So, how can you choose your favorite high-quality SPC FLOORING?

High-quality SPC FLOORING uses calcium powder as the main raw material, and is composed of UV transparent layer, wear-resistant layer, color film layer, SPC polymer substrate layer, and soft and silent rebound layer. The Lord brings a wonderful home life experience. When selecting high-quality SPC FLOORING, pay attention to the combination of the following methods.

✔Look at the core board color of SPC FLOORING

High-quality SPC FLOORING is processed from brand-new raw materials, and no inferior regrind will be added to it, so the color of the core board produced is generally white or light yellow, and the color is pure and free of variegation. If the color of the core board is relatively dark, or it is obviously gray and black, it must have added regrind, and the core board of SPC FLOORING with regrind is usually dark.


The high-quality SPC FLOORING plates are regular and straight, with relatively straight sides, without deformation, warping and other problems. The surface texture is natural and clear, and it feels very textured at a glance. Some ceramic tile brands that have extremely strict product quality requirements also use the fireproof board and the board closely together, which can not only enhance the high temperature resistance and flame retardant performance of SPC FLOORING, but also have many colors and decorative effects of the fireproof board. It eliminates the need for additional decoration and processing such as paint, spray paint, and wood plywood wallpaper, which is more in line with today's environmental protection concepts.

✔Test the water resistance of SPC FLOORING

High-quality SPC FLOORING has good water resistance and moisture resistance, and will not expand or deform after being soaked in water. When choosing SPC FLOORING, you can soak it in water, and then observe whether it is deformed, peeled, or corroded. If not, it means that its quality is excellent.

✔Test the slip resistance of SPC FLOORING

High-quality SPC FLOORING is astringent when exposed to water, has greater friction when wet, and has excellent anti-slip performance. When choosing, you can sprinkle an appropriate amount of water on SPC FLOORING, and then stand on it to feel the friction of SPC FLOORING.

✔Test SPC FLOORING for stain resistance

High-quality SPC FLOORING has strong stain resistance and can resist 8 stubborn stains such as iodine, fruit stains, red wine, blood stains, milk stains, oil stains, shoe stains, and rice stains. Just wipe them with a damp rag to remove these stains. Removes without leaving dirty marks.

✔Test the abrasion resistance of SPC FLOORING

High-quality SPC FLOORING has excellent wear resistance. SPC FLOORING from UTOP reaches grade 4 and grade 31 for commercial use. Whether it is moving large pieces of furniture at home, or sharp claws of pets, it will not stay on the ground. under scratches. When selecting, with the consent of the store owner, you can scratch the surface of SPC FLOORING with metal, leaving no trace at all.

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