Skirting board decoration knowledge

First, when is the baseboard installed?

Under normal circumstances, after the hard installation is basically completed, the furniture is installed before entering the site, basically in the latter part of the entire renovation cycle, according to the construction sequence of the wall and the ground.

Install the floor → door cover → install the door → skirting board

There are also several special situations to note:

(1) If some of the lines are buried in the skirting line, then the contours need to be laid.

(2) If you use wallpaper, you need to install the wallpaper after the wallpaper is attached. It is more suitable to install the baseboard. The overall feeling is better.

(3) If you want to customize the wardrobe, you need to install the baseboard after the wardrobe is installed, so that the side of the wardrobe can be close to the skirting line, and it will not be too wide or too narrow; if you are sure that you can grasp the precision Of course, you can also install the baseboard first.

Second, the color of the baseboard is the same as the door cover, or is it the same as the floor?

This is actually a matter of benevolent seeing the wise and seeing wisdom, but obviously these two choices are safer and in principle have better visual effects. There is also the time to buy a door or the floor, the baseboard "snap" to buy, convenient.

spc vinyl plank

1. Like the door cover, the lateral extension is stronger.

2. Like the floor, it is more obvious to distinguish between the wall and the ground.

3. Selecting the baseboard of the same color with the wall will make the room look taller.

4. If the color of the wall and the ground is very similar, you can choose the skirting of other colors.

Third, the whole house tiling, can the solid wood baseboard be used?

It is definitely usable; like the white floor tiles below, with wooden baseboards, it looks simple and fresh; and the wooden baseboard fits the door.

Fourth, is the skirting line related to style?

There are a lot of people who ask the American style to use what color of the baseboard. In fact, the color and style of the baseboard do not have much relationship. Its role is more to protect the wall and the ground. The decorative effect is additional. The reason why so many people ask the American style of the baseboard is because no matter what picture you see, or the American drama, there is a baseboard in the house, which has become an element of American style.

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