Spc floor-a floor specially designed for you

It makes sense to achieve the ultimate product-UTOP SPC floor

SPC floor is a floor specially designed for you, very suitable for use in various situations. Take the United States as an example

spc floor

1. UTOP SPC floor installation is super convenient. You can buckle the lock and finish the paving. You can install it yourself; if you ask an installer to install it (2021), the installation fee is as high as $1.5/sqft and the installation fee for solid wood flooring is at least It costs $3.5/sqft.

2. The structure of UTOP SPC floor fully meets the needs of American residential buildings. It has high requirements for the flatness of the ground. The standard building in the United States is a wooden house. The ground is OSB board or PLYWOOD nailed to the wooden shelf, so the floor is completely flat. Fully meet the paving requirements of spc floor.

vinyl floor

These two advantages of adapting to the United States are also applicable to various countries, so our floor can be exported to more than 50 countries around the world

1. There is no labor cost, the paving cost of spc is basically 0, you only need to spend half an hour to decorate your home with spc floor

pvc floor

2. The spc floor does not contain glue, is waterproof, fireproof and moisture-proof, and has no formaldehyde, which can protect your safety even more.

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