SPC floor color selection skills

1. When choosing the color of SPC floor, indoor lighting effect is the primary consideration. The lighting effect is very related to the color of the SPC floor. If the room is well-lit and bright, you can choose a darker SPC floor. For rooms with insufficient light, you can choose SPC floors with high brightness and appropriate colors. Don't use the darkest color

2. Choose according to the size of the room. Warm colors will appear smaller, while cool colors will appear larger. Therefore, the floor of the small room should be cool, dark or clean and bright to provide more space. On the contrary, using warm-colored SPC floors can make people look smaller and more frustrating. The living room is the most open space in the home, as well as a place for guests' daily activities and entertainment. Therefore, it is best to use clean natural wood grain and soft colored floors to create a clean and harmonious atmosphere.

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3. According to the decoration style you choose, the choice of spc floor color and decoration style is also an important factor to consider. If SPC floor is not selected correctly, different decoration styles will destroy the original overall style.

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4. People of different ages decide to evaluate in different ways according to the age of the owner. Under the influence of full color and intense color, young people who like the floor are full of vitality and youth. Middle-aged people are mature and confident.

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