SPC floor heating makes your winter warmer


In the cold winter, many families choose to install floor heating. With the floor heating, you can get rid of the bloated clothes of goose down cashmere, and even take off your socks and feel the temperature under your feet. Unlike the warm air blown by air conditioners, the floor heating is the effect of “smooth and silent”, as if the natural gifts are warm and sunny, and the winter is isolated from the door.

When it comes to floor heating, I believe many small partners have raised such a question. What are the requirements for floor heating floors? I believe this is a question that every small partner who wants to install a floor heating floor wants to ask. There are a lot of floor heating floors in the market, and the materials, brands, styles, etc. are dazzling. What kind of floor decoration material should I choose for the floor heating floor?

Floor heating is a type of heating that transfers heat through the floor to the interior. In this heating method, the floor is an intermediary that connects the heating device to the human body. It directly determines the effect and age of the heating. When purchasing floor heating, pay special attention to the heat dissipation, heat resistance, environmental protection and safety of the floor material. These indicators are very important for the choice of floor heating in the case of meeting basic heating needs.

Good floor heating floor generally has the following two basic conditions: First, it has good heat and cold performance, adapts to sudden temperature changes and is not easy to deform, and secondly, it has good thermal conductivity. The floor heating floor environment is more complicated, not only to resist the attack of the ground moisture, but also to withstand the high temperature brought by the floor heating. It can be said that it is “two days of ice and fire”. The traditional wooden floor will easily cause deformation due to sudden temperature changes, affecting both. The comfort is quite unattractive. While the thermal conductivity of magnetic tiles is very good, it absorbs heat quickly and dissipates heat quickly, and it is very cold when it is stepped on in the cold winter. Therefore, the elastic floor is undoubtedly the ideal choice for floor heating.


Stone-Plastic Composite Floor, green, environmentally friendly, is a true zero formaldehyde floor. As a novel floor covering material, from the production to the factory, there is a set of strict inspection procedures, and the qualified elasticity must pass the relevant quality inspection. The floor heating floor selects the elastic floor, which not only has good heat preservation effect, but also has comfortable foot feeling, no noise, no formaldehyde release, and no need to worry about the blistering, cracking, arching, mildew and deformation of the floor caused by moisture.

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