SPC floor is accepted and recognized by most people

In the past, many families and public places used to choose wooden floors and floor tiles when decorating floor materials, but over time, wooden floors are easy to deform, curl, and not waterproof; the tile paving is complicated, the construction is cumbersome, and it is easy to slip in wet weather. , has become a major trouble in the choice of decorative materials. Subsequently, since the launch of the new product SPC environmental protection floor in addition to the traditional floor, it has continuously demonstrated many advantages and has become the first choice of the most popular floor material at present, especially its unique environmental protection, waterproof and fireproof performance, has been more and more Venues and People Accept and Recognize

SPC lock floors combine the many advantages of solid wood floors, laminate floors and floor tiles. It not only has the texture of solid wood floor, but also has the unique properties of waterproof, fireproof and wear-resistant. Therefore, SPC flooring has obvious advantages. Once launched on the market, it was immediately loved by the majority of floor distributors and consumers

Raw materials are 100% environmentally friendly

SPC lock floor, with high-quality natural mineral stone powder as raw material, is shielded by PUR crystal transparent layer, wear-resistant layer, color film layer, SPC polymer substrate layer, soft and silent rebound layer. No glue is used in the production and installation process, natural and environmentally friendly, 100% free of formaldehyde, lead, benzene, heavy metals, carcinogens and soluble volatiles, and no radiation. Officially tested by SGS International, the ultra-environmental performance has obtained authoritative certification. Real 0 aldehyde green environmental protection floor

Super non-slip

The SPC latch floor wear layer has special anti-slip properties. When encountering water, the foot feel is more restrained and it is not easy to slide

Antibacterial and mildew proof

After special antibacterial and antifouling treatment, the surface of SPC floor has strong ability to kill most bacteria and inhibit the reproduction of bacteria

for geothermal

SPC floor has good thermal conductivity and heat dissipation capacity, heat dissipation is uniform, and it is the first choice for floor heating and energy saving

ultra-light and ultra-thin

SPC door latch floor thickness is usually between 5.5mm-7.0mm, and it is lighter. It has unparalleled advantages in load-bearing and space-saving in high-rise buildings. At the same time, it has special advantages in the renovation of old buildings

Environmentally friendly and renewable

SPC Latch Flooring is currently the only renewable floor covering material, which is of great significance to protect our planet's natural resources and ecological environment

Super wear-resistant

The special transparent wear-resistant layer on the surface of the SPC door latch floor is treated with high technology, and the wear-resistant coefficient is about 14,000 revolutions.

Sound absorption and noise prevention

The sound absorption effect of SPC floor can reach more than 20dB, which is unmatched by other ordinary floor materials, which is conducive to creating a quiet environment

Beautiful and fashionable

SPC door bolt floor paving adopts door bolt splicing, glue-free installation, and tight seams to avoid secondary glue pollution. Due to the locking force of the door latch floor, the floor extends as a whole with the change of temperature, avoiding local bulging, solving the problem of internal deformation of the floor, making it neatly paved with good results

Fire retardant

The fire resistance index of SPC floor can reach B1 level. Flame retardant, unnatural, automatically extinguished within 5 seconds after leaving the flame, no suffocation, poisonous and harmful gases will be produced

In the transition of flooring consumption from conservative tradition to fashion, the demand for greener and more economical flooring is increasing. SPC environmental protection latch floor has become the most popular new product of the world's major floor wholesalers and consumers in recent years and in the future.

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