SPC floors suitable for old ground renovations

The following case is office space, the original use of reinforced wood flooring, there are bulging situation, consider the standard high situation did not remove, directly covered with environmental protection without formaldehyde SPC floor, the original floor cut, fixed, the same day construction, the same day stay!

 spc flooring

SPC floor is lightweight environmentally friendly ground materials, especially suitable for old ground renovation, as long as the original floor stability, flatness can be directly covered, reduce decoration pollution, reduce the use of decoration materials, give you an easy new choice!


There are several aspects to consider about environmental protection:


1. The product itself environmental protection, this SPC floor is made of natural stone powder and environmental protection formaldehyde-free PVC resin polymerization, there is no DOP and other plasticizers, so as long as the use of new materials, or after strict screening, treatment of recycled materials (this stage is not realistic, because such recycled materials than new materials are more expensive, so basically no such operation, ordinary recycled material products can not, because it is difficult to solve the problem of heavy metal).

 spc vinyl flooring

2. Installation process to be environmentally friendly, this spc floor no dust, no glue, material lightweight, not much waste.


3. Can be recycled, spc flooring is recyclable products, of course, the cost of recycling is very high, there is no realistic operation at this stage, but its lightweight characteristics (only a few millimeters thick) determine that it is significantly better than stone, tile, wood flooring in recycling, demolition or destruction.

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