Stone plastic floor selection guide

Pay attention to the purchase of stone plastic floor (PVC floor):

1. Stone-plastic flooring has composite and homogeneous flooring. The surface of composite stone-plastic flooring has a wear-resistant layer. The homogeneous body is the same as the upper and lower floors. Because you choose to use it in the school, it is impossible to clean the floor to the hospital and There are professional staff like in the shopping mall, so you must choose to use the composite stone plastic floor as well. The abrasion resistance of the homogeneous body is not good and it is not suitable for school use.

2. As the school students are active, tables, chairs and benches move frequently, and the impact of multiple floors is also large, it is required that the floor has high abrasion resistance, good abrasion resistance, easy cleaning and maintenance, odorless floors, and rich stone plastic floors Only OK. It is recommended that the floor size of the stone plastic floor is about 182 * 1220mm or 600 * 600mm, and the thickness of the wear-resistant layer is more than 0.4mm.

3. Stone plastic floor is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride resin), stone powder, additives, etc. after high temperature rolling and surface with abrasion resistant layer. It cannot contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances, and is 100% formaldehyde-free environmental protection floor. .

4. UTOP SPC Flooring is a special flooring specially produced for schools. It is named "Treasure of Education"-the meaning of Yubao. It has a thickness of 3.2mm and a wear-resistant layer of 0.45mm. Floor with Chinese characteristics. Flooring does not need to be cured, wear-resistant, stain-resistant, environmentally friendly, sound-proof, noise-reducing, and impact-resistant. It is the best floor for schools and offices.

Stone plastic floor

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