The Aged and Distressed Flooring

If you are looking for a style of flooring which is full of character and warmth, aged and distressed spc flooring is the answer. Every floor of this type is individual, with years of footfall and wear uniquely simulated to create a stunning look which perfectly complements many different styles of décor.

Reasons to Choose a Distressed Finish  

Sense of History

When furnishing a period property, you may be looking to create a feeling of history, with antique furniture and fittings. By choosing a natural wooden floor with a distressed texture, you can enhance this.  They are often a more practical and consistent choice than using reclaimed floors but offer a similarly stunning visual impact.

Oak color floors are often a great choice, giving a feeling of tradition – but can be equally at home in a contemporary setting, when prefinished with one of our on-trend colours. Because every wooden floor is unique, they add to a property’s character. If your property already has an old floor in place which you would like to restore, we have a team that specialise in the sanding and refinishing of hardwood floors, to bring your floor back to life and restore its natural beauty.

Styles of Décor

The rustic look in interior design has remained very popular over the decades and is currently more in demand than ever. This type of décor often includes wooden furniture and accessories. Distressed wood flooring adds to the theme, especially when a rustic grade timber is selected, with its natural imperfections helping to give a feeling of authenticity.

However, aged floors can also work equally well with other styles of décor and as part of a more contemporary interior design – for instance, our Inception end grain flooring with a distressed finish makes a stunning contrast with minimalist design elements and monochrome furniture.

Practical Choice

Another reason to choose distressed floors is their high level of practicality. They are ideal in an area of high footfall such as restaurants and other commercial premises, as well as in domestic interiors, because this type of flooring is very forgiving. Any minor blemishes arising from use will only add to the look and make the floor even more beautiful.

Distressed flooring doesn’t need as much care to keep looking good as some other styles of flooring such as highly polished or lacquered floors. Another excellent reason for selecting engineered flooring is the ever-increasing popularity of underfloor heating.  Our distressed engineered wooden floors are ideal for installation over water or electric underfloor heating systems.

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