The difference between lock floor and flat buckle floor

Flat buckle floor is an old-fashioned floor design. After paving, the horizontal displacement of the floor is controlled by the flat buckle, and the interface needs to be glued. The flat buckle floor has been used for a long time and is prone to warping and unevenness at the interface. Now it is rarely used, and the UTOP SPC lock floor is being favored by more and more people.

At the technical level, the lock is more advanced than the flat buckle. The lock can control the displacement of the floor in both horizontal and vertical directions. The paving process can be glued without glue, and the lock can be tightly connected to achieve the effect of waterproof and moisture-proof. Compared with the traditional flat buckle floor, the advantages of SPC lock floor are very obvious!

First, the locking floor does not need to hit the ground keel, which can not only save a cost for residential decoration, but also indirectly increase the floor height of the house. For most commercial houses, the floor height of the house is very tight. If the keel can be omitted, the floor height can be increased by 30 to 50 mm!

Second, the lock floor does not need to be glued and fixed with nails or glue during paving. The traditional paving method fixed with iron nails or glue has obvious disadvantages. The iron nails used for fixing by consumers may become loose after a period of use, which will cause the floors to rub against each other and generate noise, and the glue will also slow down. It oxidizes slowly and loses its adhesion, causing the floor to loosen, which also produces noise.

Third, due to the effect of the lock, the floor of the whole room can form a whole, and the waterproof and moisture-proof effect is very good. Because the lock floor is more convenient to disassemble and assemble, it can be recycled. If a certain piece of floor is broken during use, it can be removed and replaced directly. In short, the flat buckle floor is gradually withdrawing from the consumer market, and the SPC lock floor is the mainstream of future development.

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