The difference between new PVC materials and recycled PVC materials

There are many series of PVC flooring on the market, and the prices vary greatly. A very important factor in determining the price of PVC flooring is the raw materials. The raw materials mainly include PVC resin and natural stone powder, and PVC accounts for the main proportion. At present, there are two main types of PVC raw materials used in PVC flooring, namely PVC virgin  materials and PVC recycled materials.


New virgin PVC materials are processed directly from PVC resin raw materials. Recycled materials are industrially recovered PVC finished products. By processing PVC raw materials that are reused, the characteristics of recycled materials will be worse than that of new virgin materials, because recycled materials are processed at high temperatures. , Increased brittleness, reduced toughness, and increased impurities


1. Due to the uncertainty of the source of raw materials for PVC recycled materials, there may be restricted substances (such as lead and cadmium) exceeding the standard, and the formula of the new virgin PVC is controllable, and the content of heavy metals can be strictly controlled within the scope of industry regulations .


2. Due to the diversified colors of raw materials for PVC recycled materials, it is difficult to change in the color matching process, and the new material PVC background color is the original color, you can use toner to adjust to the desired color.


3. PVC recycled materials are melted and then processed, and the raw materials are also used after a period of time. During this process, the physical properties of PVC such as hardness and flexibility will decrease significantly.


4. PVC recycled materials mainly adopt the method of waste recycling and reprocessing, and the cost is very low. The new PVC materials are generally purchased from manufacturers, so the price will be relatively high.


Therefore, we can see from the above description that there are many disadvantages of recycled materials. Please choose carefully when purchasing the corresponding product.

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