The difference between rubber floor and PVC floor

◆Ingredients and production processes are different:

Rubber floors are divided into homogeneous and heterogeneous. Homogeneous rubber floor refers to a floor vulcanized with a single or multi-layer structure with the same color and composition based on natural rubber or synthetic rubber; non-homogeneous rubber floor refers to a floor based on natural rubber or synthetic rubber, whose structure It includes a wear-resistant layer and other compacted layers different in composition and/or design, and the compacted layer includes a skeleton layer.

◆The color is different:

It is difficult to color rubber floors, because rubber has strong color absorption, so most rubber floors have a single color; while PVC floors have many colors, which can be combined arbitrarily, giving designers more choices.

◆Market demand and wear resistance are different:

Due to the high price, rubber flooring is only used in some high-end places, and the scope is relatively narrow; while PVC flooring is widely used due to its high cost performance, and the market potential is huge. In addition, the rubber floor has stronger wear resistance, and is very suitable for places with large traffic such as airports and stations, as well as aircraft, trains, subways, cars, ships and other means of transportation.

◆There are differences in the difficulty of installation:

The PVC floor is light in texture and easy to install; the rubber floor is heavy and the installation is more laborious. Moreover, the installation method of the rubber floor is more stringent. If the method is not correct, air bubbles will appear, and the requirements for the self-leveling foundation are more perfect, otherwise the defects of the base layer will be exaggerated.

PVC floor and rubber floor are some public places, especially sports venues, which use more floor decoration materials, so some people will easily confuse these two kinds of floors, but they are both in terms of composition, appearance and installation. There are certain differences.

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