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  • The differences between PVC floors using new virgin materials and recycled materials

The differences between PVC floors using new virgin materials and recycled materials

1. PVC floors using recycled materials have more calcium powder added, the glue content is reduced, the overall is harder, can not withstand repeated folding, toughness is poor, the aging speed will become faster, the pavement use time may be too long Some small cracks occurred. The new virgin material PVC floor is relatively soft, has good toughness, and has high resistance to aging and corrosion. Even if it is used for a long time, it is difficult for aging phenomena such as cracks to occur.


2. General recycled materials will contain impurities. The PVC floor produced is difficult to color. The color of the product is rigid and the color is not bright enough. The solid color PVC floor will contain impurities such as black spots and it is easy to turn yellow. The PVC floor produced with new virgin materials is easier to color, the floor pattern will be more delicate and realistic, the overall color will be brighter, the purity is very high, and the color can be kept bright and bright after long-term use.

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3. Because recycled materials are made by dissolving at high temperature, PVC floors using recycled materials are likely to have a pungent smell. This odor may be harmful to the human body, and its environmental performance will be greatly reduced. The new material floor will have the peculiar smell of PVC, natural environmental protection and zero formaldehyde.


From the intuitive point of view, the use of new materials for PVC flooring is more delicate and brighter for trade unions; while the PVC flooring for recycled materials looks a bit rough, but it has obvious price advantages. Whether to choose new or recycled PVC flooring depends on the specific budget, paving site, and expected service life.

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