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  • The formaldehyde content of PVC floor, fight bacterium property and UV coating, how to detect?

The formaldehyde content of PVC floor, fight bacterium property and UV coating, how to detect?

how to detect whether PVC floor is UV treated general civil floor leather surface is not UV treated, while commercial PVC floor usually has UV coating.We can use sand cloth to lightly polish the surface of the floor, if there is a white phenomenon after UV treatment.
How to detect the formaldehyde content of the floor
1.method: measure the formaldehyde emission in the wood-based panel per unit weight :mg/100g(see this unit, know it is detected by perforation method).

principle: drill the sample, extract the formaldehyde of the sample by solvent, determine the amount of formaldehyde in the extraction fluid by titration, and then determine the test weight ratio of the sample.

application objects: medium fiber board, particle board.

2.Dryer method: the ratio between the weight of formaldehyde dissolved in the fixed quantity of water and the weight of the corresponding solution released by the wood-based panel in the closed dryer 160Mg /L(when you see this unit, you know it was detected by the dryer method).Applicable objects: plywood, joinery board.

3Cubic metre method (climate box method);Formaldehyde emission of wood-based panel in 1 cubic meter climate box 160;Mg /m3(seeing this unit, I know it is detected by climate box method).

A certain size (1㎡), constant temperature and humidity internal air circulation system climate box air is repeatedly extracted and filtered through an aqueous solution tube, the solution content, and then the formaldehyde emission of various wood-based panels.Another: the concentration of formaldehyde in the indoor air is measured by an instrument, whose unit is mg/m.

Test the acidproof alkalinity of PVC floor can drip on floor surface alcohol, oil, a few hydrochloric acid, observe floor surface after a day whether have apparent aging phenomenon, some show floor acidproof alkalinity is very poor.

Test the antibacterial property of PVC floor will be prone to mildew items, such as bread and so on, on the floor surface, and the floor is placed in the shady place, after about two days to observe the floor surface whether there are signs of mold growth, if there is, that the floor is not antibacterial or antibacterial property is very poor.

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