The future of SPC flooring

The current demand for wood flooring is 400 million square meters, and the demand for PVC flooring in China has exceeded 600 million square meters. The development space is huge, and due to its waterproof characteristics, it also enters the kitchen and bathroom and grabs some tiles. market. Estimate that in the near future, its demand will reach 1 billion square meters. More and more enterprises are beginning to produce PVC flooring, and the quality of flooring production is very good, which is closely related to floor production and supporting equipment. 

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SPC floor extrusion equipment and other turnkey projects, from raw materials to loading equipment, extrusion equipment, supporting molds, screws, grooving equipment, cutting equipment, packaging equipment, and other production process equipment, all-round display, gathering sea Well-known exhibitors inside and outside, such as Jintian Haomai, Haokai, Haotejing, Wuxi Boyu, Sanyi, Jiahao, Guangliang, Qingsu, Ruichang, Anzhu, Saiwang, Haobang, Jinwei, etc., are committed to promoting the flooring industry. Coordinated development of upstream and downstream health.

Not much to say, let us know in advance some of the behind-the-scenes heroes who are driving the rapid development of SPC flooring.

1. Qingdao Sanyi Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

At present, Qingdao Sanyi Co., Ltd., as the first exhibition to exhibit at China International Floor Materials and Paving Technology Exhibition, has been exhibiting for many years and has caused great repercussions in the industry. At present, the company has successively developed the industry-leading automatic 110 cone double large SPC floor production line and the more advanced large-scale 135 flat double production line. The complete automatic control system runs stably, energy saving and environmental protection; the whole line adopts the international first-class standard safety protection, the whole set of Siemens electrical Configuration, it has become one of the few companies in the industry to produce SPC floor coextrusion production line.

2. Wuxi Boyu Plastic Machine Co., Ltd.

Online synchronization of flower technology, the accuracy of the flower is more accurate, the pass rate is greater than 95%. The extruder produced by the company consists of twin-screw extruder, forming machine, cooling bracket, tractor, cutting machine and automatic closing machine. The whole production line is controlled by PLC touch screen and is highly automated. Save production costs and labor costs, provide customers with the most advanced equipment and the best quality service.

3. Shanghai Jiahao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The floor-specific extruder production unit is a product developed by the company based on foreign advanced models and combined with the company's nearly 20 years of experience in sheet metal extrusion. Its beautiful appearance, compact structure, high control precision, easy operation, low energy consumption and high output are the best equipment for processing SPC flooring. At the same time, the company's newly developed synchronous flowering system has also achieved great success.

4. Shanghai Ruichang Machinery Co., Ltd.

The parallel twin-screw extruder has stable operation, low power consumption, high output, labor saving, and screw package for 180 days, which makes the comprehensive cost of producing the floor a huge increase of 20% compared with the cone double extruder.

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5. Nanjing Saiwang Technology Development Co., Ltd.

New products exhibited in the Asian geotechnical technology sector include: national invention patent, utility model patent - PVC stone plastic floor (SPC/LVT) five-roll extrusion line; international invention patent, utility model patent SPC/LVT multi-layer floor one-step method Extrusion, lamination production line; national invention patent, utility model patent - wood plastic one-step profile extrusion production line.

6. Wuxi Haobang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Using 135 parallel twin-screw main engine and 110 conical twin-screw main engine, one-button start operating system and electronic digital display thickness measurement system produce synchronous tiling floor. Under the same conditions, the production line has high output, equipment screw wear is small, energy saving, and operation is simple and convenient.

7. Changzhou Farlin Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

The fish bone-sand floor CNC slotting machine is a high-precision double-chain rail synchronous continuous feeding mode. After the front floor silo is loaded, the floor is automatically conveyed into the floor milling slot processing station at a set angle, and the floor is double-ended. The tool position 1-4 (a total of 8 tool positions on the left and right) is processed, and the fishbone floor is conveyed by the conveyor chain and the upper pressure belt, and enters the discharge conveying device. In order to adapt to the processing of fish bones with different lengths and angles, the slotting machine adopts the right end to move longitudinally and the left end to move laterally. The mobile end adjustment adopts the touch screen input mode, and the floor length and angle are directly input on the operation touch screen, and the mobile end of the machine tool automatically moves to a certain position, and can be processed directly after loading the floor. The mobile end moves with a servo motor to drive the precision ball screw, which can be accurately positioned with a positioning accuracy of 0.01mm.

8. Qingdao Ruijie Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

SPC stone plastic floor vertical / horizontal four-roller production line (SPC floor) equipment components: SJSZ92/188 conical twin-screw extruder, hanger-type sheet mold, four-roll calender, four-station laminating with automatic correcting device Four-station oil temperature machine, longitudinal blade trimming device, cooling bracket + air curtain machine, bottom double-station laminating device, traction device, precision shearing machine, fully automatic manipulator. After extruding the substrate, the decorative layer and the wear layer of the color film are heat-applied, and the cushioned sound-insulating layer at the bottom is realized, and the multi-layer composite one-step method is completed on the same equipment.

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9. Zhangjiagang Shuangjun Machinery Co., Ltd.

SPC floor production line is a brand-new equipment independently researched and developed by the company based on more than 10 years of experience in sheet metal production, and applied for related patents. It has the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency and stability. The production line includes high-efficiency extruders - patented horizontal four-roller - laminating platform - cooling bracket - traction - cutting - automatic stacker. The company's horizontal four-roller machine can realize the quicker and more convenient replacement of the pattern roller, easy operation and maintenance, and high safety factor; the plasticizing effect of the wear-resistant layer on the line is better; the color film and the wear-resistant layer can be docked without waste. At the same time, the company provides technical support for many years of experience, and can provide professional formula for SPC stone plastic floor.

SPC calcium plastic environmental protection floor production line is a substrate extruded from the extruder, using four-roll calendering unit, respectively, PVC color film + PVC wear layer + PVC base film, one-time pressing and compounding products, process Simple, fit by heat, no glue.

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