The Importance of Dimensional Stability Of Floors

If youve ever had a wooden door that expanded and contracted as the seasons changed, you understand the importance of dimensional stability. In the summer, your door swelled and was hard to open. In the winter, the wood shrank, leaving a small gap.

The same principle applies with many vinyl flooring products. As the ambient temperature changes, the flooring expands and contracts. As it shrinks in the winter, gaps form. Hot temperatures cause instability in the floorings structure. As you can imagine, this expansion and contraction has a cumulative and negative effect on the appearance and expected life of the floor.

So we test with three common type floors: LVT, PVC and SPC

Test standard: 80 degrees plus or minus 2 degrees high temperature for 6 hours, take them out at 23 plus or minus 2 degrees normal temperature, 50% humidity for 24 hours to observe

Floor shrinkage test









before tempering1%          after  tempering≦2.5%


It can be seen from the test results that the shrinkage rate of SPC floor is the minimum under the influence of temperature.

UTOP SPC floors use the virgin material this expansion and contraction doesnt happen, the floor remains sturdy and beautiful year after year without needing to be replaced.

spc flooring

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