The most easily misunderstood places for PVC elastic floor

PVC elastic floor is a very good material with the advantages of wear resistance,durability and green environmental protection. It’s widely used in a variety of indoor locations. PVC elastic flooring can be seen in medical, sports, school, education, kindergarten, business, office, etc. However, there are still many friends who have misunderstandings about PVC elastic flooring.

The use and promotion of  PVC flooring in China has a history of ten years. From the early days, schools, hospitals and other enterprises and institutions in China mainly used PVC business flooring (thickness mainly 2.0mm) and PVC sports flooring (common thickness : 3.5mm4.5mm), there are still some misconceptions about PVC flooring.

1. The fire-retardance means not burning

Some users take a lighter to point PVC floor and see if it can be burned up. In fact, the national requirements for the fire rating of PVC floor to reach the B1 level, according to the national standard non-combustible materials designated as fire A grade, such as stone, tile and so on. The B1 flame retardant standard means that a cotton ball with a diameter of 10mm with alcohol is placed on the PVC floor and burned naturally. After the cotton ball is burned out, we can measure the diameter of the mark burnt PVC elastic floor, such as less than 50mm is the B1 flame retardant standard.


2. Wear-resistant means using the sharpener to not scratch.

Some people will ask about the service life and wear resistance of PVC elastic floor.They take out a knife or key and other sharp tools to scratch the surface of the PVC floor,If there are scratches, They think it not wear-resistant. In fact, the national test on the abrasion resistance of PVC elastic floor is not simply using a sharp tool to scratch the surface.The test floor is sanded with flat-bottomed sanding disc under the condition of 1Kg of pressure. After the rotation and grinding,The number of revolutions of this node is an indicator to measure the wear resistance of PVC flooring. For example, the number of composite floor turns is 1500 rpm. Therefore, the abrasion resistance of PVC elastic floor is specially determined by the national testing agency.

pvc elastic floor

3. Flooring with smell is not environmentally friendly.

PVC elastic material itself is formaldehyde-free. The qualified PVC elastic floor should be 100% formaldehyde-free.It may have the smell of fragrance and additives, it will not cause harm to people’s body, nor will it make people not feeling well.

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