The SPC floor make home comfort, health and beauty together!

SPC flooring is made of polyvinyl chloride and natural stone powder as the main raw materials, and special PVC flooring for kindergartens and sports halls. Because of the special special wear layer, the wear resistance is very high. Therefore, the SPC floor has good elasticity and can also achieve wear resistance. It not only ensures a comfortable foot feel, but also has a strong wear resistance to ensure the service life.

The raw material for SPC flooring, PVC, is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. It has been used extensively in people’s daily lives, such as non-food grade bags, garbage bags, architectural veneers, etc. The other material, natural stone powder, is a new type of green floor decoration material that has been tested by the national authorities and does not contain any radioactive elements. The SPC floor eliminates the release of toxic gases such as formaldehyde and the radioactive hazards of heavy metals from the source. It is a loyal guardian of health.

spc flooring

The pattern of the SPC floor breaks the limitations of the material itself and is presented through a special printed color film with an unprecedented level of richness.

High-definition 3D printing technology makes SPC floor have high fidelity in wood grain, stone grain and carpet pattern. The thickness of the PVC floor is easy to control, and the common ones are 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, etc. The size can be flexibly cut. The size of the imitation wood grain is similar to that of the wooden floor. The stone grain and the carpet pattern can also be cut to the appropriate size according to the pattern. When the overall uniformity is required, the size is often large, and when it is necessary to emphasize the exquisiteness, it can be cut into Small size. In addition, when the PVC floor is paved, it can be assembled into different shapes by different colors, which is unmatched by any floor.

SPC’s floor sizes are flexible and can meet the requirements of various places, so it has excellent performance in hospitals, kindergartens, shopping malls, offices and home improvement. Choose PVC flooring and bring home comfort, health and beauty together!

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