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  • The US "poisonous floor" shocked the country and was actually "Made in China"

The US "poisonous floor" shocked the country and was actually "Made in China"

Netease Home's "Made in China" on March 5 became the hottest topic in the opening year of 2015. The Japanese toilet cover incident continued to ferment, and the US media unannounced visits to find out that the excessive formaldehyde "toxic floor" originated from the Chinese factory. Formaldehyde exceeded the standard by 20 times. American: Stunned!

US "Poison Floor" Incident Company's Official Website

On March 1, 2015, the CBS TV news ace program "60 Minutes" revealed that the United States' largest flooring company Lumber Liquidators (Wood Liquidators) produced a serious excess of formaldehyde in the composite floor produced in Changzhou, Jiangsu. According to the survey, all the composite wood flooring produced by LL in China exceeds the formaldehyde standard of California by 6-7 times.

Denny Larson and environmental lawyer Richard Drury said that they purchased more than 150 boxes of laminate flooring in a California retail store and then tested it in three certified laboratories. It was found that all of the composite wood flooring produced in China showed excessive formaldehyde, which exceeded the formaldehyde standard of California in the United States by 6-7 times, and some even exceeded the licensing standard by nearly 20 times. "This number is so high that some labs think their machines are broken."

American "poisonous floor" made in China?

According to "60 Minutes", during the undercover investigation conducted by the program team investigators at the three flooring factories in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, the factory employees admitted that they used high-formaldehyde core sheets to reduce the percentage by 10% to 15%. the cost of. The manager of a factory even said without hesitation that the "CARB 2" stage standard mark is false, and the board labeled with the "CARB 2" label does not actually meet this standard. They can provide products that meet US formaldehyde standards, but the price is much higher.

It is reported that LL is the largest and fastest growing solid wood flooring retailer in North America, with an annual turnover of more than one billion US dollars. In 46 states in the United States, LL has 360 stores. But they don't just sell solid wood. Every year, more than one billion square feet of cheap laminate flooring is sold by them and installed in thousands of American homes, and most of the company's laminate flooring is made in China.

After the incident was exposed, the stock of the manufacturer plummeted 24%. Denny Larson of the public welfare organization and environmental lawyer Richard Drury jointly initiated a lawsuit against LL, requiring LL to dismantle all unqualified composite wood flooring.

It is well known that formaldehyde is a highly carcinogenic chemical. High concentrations of formaldehyde can cause leukemia and nasopharyngeal cancer; low concentrations of formaldehyde can cause eye, nose and respiratory infections. The "exaggerated index" of "poisonous floor" is so ridiculous.

Chinese industry: This can't blame the Chinese factory.

Compared with the past, I think that China’s production of "scraping and cutting materials" is more than a different perspective. A Taicang user uses the "black pot" to describe the work involved in the project: Changzhou factory can manufacture standards that meet the standards. Floors, but the price will be very expensive, and American companies choose to buy unqualified products for profit and let Chinese manufacturers manufacture them. Another netizen pointed out that "From the unannounced visits, it can be seen that the Chinese manufacturers are honest and completely made according to the buyer's requirements."

Netease Home interviewed the domestic flooring industry on this matter, a representative of a flooring brand in Changzhou believes that "If the US carb2 standard, it is necessary to upgrade 3-5 US dollars (not only environmental protection, but also wear-resistant, etc.), "Made in China" now Exports are not good, exchange rate changes, plus the export of US freight is more expensive, the cost is not easy to control."

This view was recognized by a certain industry in Shanghai. She pointed out that "The phenomenon of using inferior sheet materials to reduce production costs in China is indeed very common. We often say that laminate flooring is produced according to regular production, and the cost is less than 70 yuan. Consumers are advised not to buy. There must be a problem. But now there are a lot of laminate flooring on the market below 70 yuan."

In the other two flooring brand members interviewed by the reporters, they are worried that the current difficulties in the export of the flooring industry are actually internal and external problems. The export side faces difficulties in intellectual property rights and trade barriers. The domestic economic situation has made the enterprises difficult. The flooring industry should carefully consider this matter, not to damage the reputation of the country and people for the immediate interests, and then continue this way, not the flooring industry, the entire Chinese manufacturing industry will fall.

At the same time, the industry suggested that the official intervention, the establishment of the integrity of the export alliance, strict testing, strict unit audit, and issued a statement of integrity to foreign export regions to reduce the consequences of adverse effects; at the same time, this once again warned our flooring companies Must be in good faith management, in the survival, development and product quality, to achieve organic unity.

American experts: American manufacturers do not do everything they can to ensure quality.

In response to this incident, LL responded that the company dared to ensure that every floor sold was in compliance with safety standards, claiming that it was only a small short-selling investor victim.

In accepting the report, experts pointed out that some American manufacturers did not do everything they could to ensure product quality and safety, and did not protect themselves in the event of problems.

Dan Harris, editor-in-chief of China Law Blog and a lawyer, pointed out that "98% of the cases, when there are product problems in China, most of the crimes will be attributed to American companies."

When the Chinese manufacturing industry is increasingly raising the banner of rising, the "poisonous floor" incident may cause people to pay attention to and discuss the issue of Chinese manufacturing. What impact does this incident have on the creditworthiness of the Chinese flooring industry? What are the domestic and international situations that the export of flooring products will face, and how should floor companies deal with this "floor storm"? Please pay attention to Netease Home and will continue to keep you updated.

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