The value experience brought by stone plastic floor!

People are now pursuing higher and higher quality of life, and their demand for materials is becoming more and more high-end, and they always want to choose the same best brands. Still, low quality is a better option that people can't refuse. The same quality, the same comfortable use, the lower the price, the more popular it is, and it is also the choice of many people.

Just like floors, wooden floors give you visual enjoyment and excellent comfort, and ceramic tiles provide an extremely simple cleaning method and the longest life. However, while they give you an advantage, the price of wood floors is high and the pollution of tiles is poor. The popular stone-plastic floors on the market now may give you a different feeling.

There are many kinds of PVC floors, such as lock, dry back, adhesive back, etc. If there are patterns, we can make different patterns such as stone grain, wood grain, carpet pattern and so on according to the requirements of customers. Moreover, the main raw materials of the stone plastic floor are PVC materials and selected marble powder, which have been tested by the national authoritative department and do not contain any radioactive factors and are harmless to people.

In addition, the stone plastic floor can bring you a very high visual enjoyment. If you are tired of wood grain floors, you can choose stone or carpet patterns: If you are tired of cleaning tiles once, you can choose stone-plastic floors that are easy to clean. While bringing you visual enjoyment, it will also bring you better comfort, because the wear-resistant layer of the stone-plastic floor has a special anti-slip property, so when you encounter water, it will be very astringent and not Easy to slide. In addition, the stone plastic floor is more comfortable than ceramic tile, and it is more comfortable to step on.

Therefore, there are many choices of flooring, each with its own advantages, but in terms of price and practicality, stone-plastic flooring has an obvious advantage. With the change of people's ideas, the flooring has become the pioneer of the flooring category.

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