These 4 data must be known before loading the SPC floor!

Elastic SPC flooring is gradually used in home life because of its environmental protection, non-slip wear resistance.

But do you know? If the SPC floor is laid out in an environment that is not up to standard, the SPC floor will be prone to various quality problems after a period of use.

Follow me to learn about the data you must know before installing the elastic SPC floor.

01. You must know the "ground flatness".

First of all, the "flatness" inspection of the floor where the floor is to be laid can be placed on the ground with a 2M foot. If the ground is not flat, you need to use a tool to level it, and if it is serious, you need to re-level or do self-leveling. If the ground flatness is not up to standard for paving, it will cause problems such as floor collapse, uplift, arching, and noise.

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02. You must know the "ground moisture content".

The moisture content of the ground can be measured by the moisture content tester (the required water content of the ground: ≤ 2% for mortar and fine stone concrete; ≤ 3.5% for reinforced concrete; ≤ 1.8% for heating floor). If the moisture content of the ground is too high, the elastic SPC floor is Various problems may occur in later use, so if the ground moisture content exceeds the standard value, dehumidification is required.

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03. You must know the "ground firmness".

You can use the screwdriver handle or hoe to hit the ground and check the floor for holes and flaking. If there are holes or flaking on the ground, the ground needs to be reprocessed. Otherwise, after laying the elastic SPC floor for a while, the sound will be heard because the ground is not solid.

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04. You must know the "ground waterproof layer".

Check whether the waterproof measures are taken, because the floor is afraid of water immersion, and the floor will be blistering, degumming, deformation and other problems after water immersion, resulting in unusable. Therefore, before the paving, it is necessary to check whether the waterproofing measures are done well, whether there is any leakage in the house, and if there is any treatment, the floor should be laid.

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