Tips for maintenance of spc floor

1. Do not use cleaning balls or knives for daily cleaning of the SPC floor. Do not use acetone, toluene and other chemicals to clean the floor at will to avoid damage to the SPC floor.


2. The fire rating of the SPC floor produced by UTOP is Class B1, which is a flame-retardant building decoration material, but this does not mean that the SPC floor is not afraid of fire, so be careful not to burn cigarette butts, mosquito coils, and electrified in daily life. Irons and other high-temperature metal objects are placed directly on the floor, which is likely to cause damage to the floor.


3. Although SPC flooring has stronger wear resistance and durability than solid wood flooring, when moving objects, especially when there are metal sharp objects at the bottom, do not drag directly on the floor to avoid damage to the floor and affect its appearance.


4. If the surface of the SPC floor is damaged or damaged, the surface can be cleaned and waxed and maintained, which can effectively extend its service life.


SPC floor should be carefully maintained during use, so as to ensure its decorative effect and prolong the service life of spc floor.



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