Twelve advantages of SPC vinyl flooring

1.100% virgin material;Eco-friendly

    Main material of spc lock flooring is high quality pvc resin, food grade calcium,powder,natural and environmental, without formaldehyde,Pb,Benzene,heavy metals and other cancerogenic substances,without soluble volatiles, and radiation.

2.Super slip resistance

    The wear layer of SPC lock flooring has special slip resistance, foot feeling more sturdy when the floor attached with water, not easy slip down.

3.Bacterial resistance and mould proof

    The surface is treated with special antibacterial and anti-stain treatment,strong killing ability for most bacteria,inhibition of bacterial reproduction.

4.Warm and cosy

    Polyvinyl chloride anhydrous affinity,uniform heat dissipation,it is the first choice for floor heating and energy saving.

5.Waterproof and moisture proof

Polyvinyl chloride anhydrous affinity,will not be mildewed due to high humidity.

6.Super light and thin

    Common thickness of SPC lock flooring between 3.2mm-6.0mm, light weight,in building weight and space savings in high-rise buildings, there is an unparalleled advantage, and also have special advantages in the renovation of old buildings.

7.Environmental and recycle

    SPC lock flooring is the unique recycle ground decoration material right now, it does great contribute to protect our earth resources and ecosystem.

8.High resilience and safe

    SPC lock flooring has good flexible recovery impacted by heavy object, good foot feeling, commonly known as “Flooring Soft Gold”, minimize the harm of the ground to the human body,disperse the impact on the foot.

9.Super wear resistance

    On surface of SPC lock flooring there is a transparent wear layer that specially processed by high-tech,the test friction revolution about 20000, service time is different accoring to the thickness of wear layer from 10-50 years.

10.Sound absorption

    The sound absorption of SPC flooring above 20dB, which other floorings cannot compare, it will make your family more quiet.

11.Beautiful and fashionable

    Installation seamless, no sanitary corners, colorful.

12.Fire proof and retardant

    Does not support burning, without toxic and dangerous gases.

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