UTOP Flooring accessories

Besides floor and wall panel ,utop also provide accessories ,such as skirting ,t-moulding ,f-moulding ,reducer ,corner and so on .

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The main function of skirting line is to protect the floor and wall, make it firmly combined, avoid the damage to the wall and ground caused by external force collision, reduce the deformation of the wall, and play the role of visual balance, so that the ground and wall can echo each other well and have a good beautification and decoration effect; Reduce the annoyance that the wall is dirty and difficult to clean due to mopping.

Because the skirting line is installed between the ground and the wall, it is easy to be damaged. Therefore, when buying a house, we must choose a material that is relatively firm, not easy to be damaged and easy to clean. At the same time, we should pay attention to the color similar to the ground material. If the ground uses terrazzo or wooden board, the material of the skirting line should also be the same; If the carpet is laid indoors, the anchor line can be matched with wood; In addition, the wall that makes the wall cabinet does not need to install the anchor line.

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