UTOP SPC floor - flat and not easy to deform

The floor should be flat, which seems to be a simple requirement, but it is the most difficult for many floors to achieve. The floor is for use. According to statistics, the deformation of the floor is the most common problem during the use of the floor.

There is a saying in the floor industry, "Whether the floor is good or not, we will see in half a year." It means that whether a floor is good or not can be seen after half a year of installation and use. A floor with excellent quality can be used for several years without any problem, but a floor with problematic quality will be deformed after being used for half a year and experienced the test of the environment. Therefore, as long as it is installed and used for half a year, the quality of the floor is clear at a glance.

There are many reasons for the deformation of the floor, such as deformation caused by moisture, deformation caused by temperature difference, etc., which will cause various consequences, but the problems shown in the overall use process are roughly the same. These are the real problems that floors have always faced.

According to statistics, the most common types of deformation of the floor during use:

1. Floor swelling and deformation

Thermal expansion and cold contraction are common sense that everyone knows, and the floor will expand and deform due to the influence of temperature and humidity during use. After the beginning of the heating season every year, many floors will deform due to the increase in temperature. This phenomenon is due to unstable floor performance on the one hand, and non-standard installation on the other hand.

2. Floor shortening deformation

If the floor is overheated, it will swell, and if the temperature is too low, the floor will shrink. Many floors are deformed because of the low temperature, and the shrinkage of the floor will lead to the phenomenon of cracking or cracking.

3. Floor warping and deformation

Floor warping is often caused by floor deformation caused by floor edge warping. This deformation is irreparable and can only be replaced. The warping deformation is often large-scale and extremely damaging.

4. Floor bulge deformation

The reasons for this deformation are various and complex. The most common floor bulging is caused by the moisture absorption of the floor. In addition to this uneven floor force, irregular floor installation process will cause bulging. Of course, there are some floor drums that are completely caused by substandard quality and structural changes during use.

There are real reasons behind each problem, why the floor deforms, and why these four kinds of deformation are so common. For these problems, we consulted our production engineer Wang Deshun.

Wang Deshun: There are two main reasons for the deformation of the floor during use. The first is that the quality of the floor itself is not up to standard. Materials, moisture content, and manufacturing processes do not meet the standards. Such products are deformed rapidly, in a wide range, and uncontrollable. The second situation is that the floor is deformed by the temperature and humidity of the environment, stress, and installation technology during use.

Floor deformation is a common problem in the use of floors. UTOP SPC floors must also undergo the test of temperature and humidity during use. Is there no deformation of UTOP SPC floors?

Different from other boards, the raw materials of UTOP SPC floor are not hydrophilic or absorbent, so the finished product has good waterproof stability. In this way, the UTOP SPC floor will not be deformed due to moisture absorption.

Wang Deshun also mentioned that in addition to good moisture-proof and waterproof performance, UTOP SPC floor also has good temperature adaptability because of the production process and material characteristics. UTOP SPC flooring is integrally formed through high temperature extrusion, and the finished product can naturally withstand the test of strict temperature changes.

Every kind of floor needs national standards and industry standards. The national standard and industry standard of SPC floor are much higher than that of traditional floor. The corporate standards of UTOP SPC flooring are stricter than national standards and industry standards, and they have absolute confidence in their own products. Each batch of UTOP SPC floor products must undergo strict temperature control testing. In the factory inspection, the deformation rate of the floor is kept within 1/10,000.

In addition to the characteristics of raw materials and production process, UTOP SPC floor has its own killer in keeping it flat.

SPC floors are formed by extrusion, and extrusion technology is critical. As a veteran company, UTOP has rich experience and skilled engineers in extrusion technology. In the process of SPC floor extrusion, UTOP floor will also add some materials to ensure the stable performance of the extruded product.


In addition to the accumulation of powerful extrusion technology, UTOP SPC floor has its own unique process, which greatly improves the temperature and humidity adaptability of SPC floor. This process is the unique "health" process in the production of UTOP SPC sheet. The produced products are placed in a warehouse with constant temperature and humidity. Although this method will greatly improve the production cycle and production cost, it will greatly improve the performance of the board.

The raw materials and production process of the floor determine the performance of the product. UTOP SPC floor has achieved the ultimate in this point. Whether it is the quality control in the production process, or the unique health care process, even in the process of grooving, it is necessary to ensure the stability of temperature and humidity , How can the quality of such carefully produced products be poor?

UTOP SPC sheets are excellent because of their care. As a synonym for SPC board, UTOP board always maintains high standards and investment in scientific and technological research and development in the direction of board quality to ensure that every floor is the best of the best.

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