UTOP spc floor new production equipment

Recently utop factory introduced new spc floor production equipment, the production efficiency will be tripled, welcome everyone to order! Since talking about spc production equipment, I will provide you with some points and requirements of spc processing equipment.


Points for attention when selecting SPC processing equipment

1. High wear resistance, relatively low extrusion pressure and better plasticizing screw barrel

2. Design a mold with reasonable output

3. Multi-roll calendering system with simple operation adjustment and precise thickness control

4. Membrane-guided tension control deviation correction system is accurate and reliable

5. And have enough cooling space and capacity

6. Cutting and moving can not adversely affect the appearance and warpage of the board

7. Manufacturer selection: You cannot pursue output unilaterally, but choose the size of the machine according to the thickness range of your own plate. 80/92/110 is suitable for the production of plates of different thickness ranges, and the general configuration of 1: 2: 1 or 1: 3: 1 is more reasonable.

 spc flooring

SPC processing requirements

1. Due to the relatively large extrusion volume of the SPC floor production line and the need for online lamination, the stability of continuous production is very important.

2. Because the SPC floor is highly filled, the screw wear is severe, and the value of the screw is relatively high, so the impact of the life of the screw on the total cost must be considered.

3. The floor is relatively thin, the thickness tolerance is small, and the extrusion speed is fast, so it requires good material dispersion, plasticization performance and fluidity.

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