UTOP spc wallpanel —— anti-mildew weapon

The emergence of spc wall panels solves a series of wall problems such as decoration mildew caused by damp walls during the rainy season.

The spc wallboard itself has excellent waterproof and moisture-proof functions. In humid seasons and places, it will not crack and "peel" due to the erosion of water vapor. Its characteristics are mildew-proof and moisture-proof, non-toxic and harmless, ready to install, and have incomparable Advantage.

In addition, the spc wall panel can be directly installed in the rough house, and the spc wall panel will not change when exposed to water, which avoids the appearance of water droplets, dampness and mold on the wall during the rainy season.

spc wallpanels

In addition, spc wall panels are rich in colors and styles, including Chinese, European, modern, Mediterranean, French and other styles, which can be combined with the user's decoration needs, allowing users to have more choices.

As far as spc wallboard is concerned, its raw material is resin. This material is purely natural and does not add any chemical substances in the production process. The spc wallboard made of this material has good elasticity and softness, and is very easy to clean.

In addition to resin, there is also a need for a high-molecular aldehyde-free polymer material. Although this type of material is not a pure natural material category, it is also a common material in the production of environmentally friendly spc wallboards because of its strong waterproof and fireproof properties.

Because of the special structure of this material, it can effectively decompose the formaldehyde factor, and it can achieve double health protection when matched with spc wallboard.

In addition to the raw materials of the spc wall panels, it is also worth mentioning how the spc wallboard is installed. Everyone knows that the fast installation speed of spc wall panels is due to the modular installation method. Of course, environmental protection is also indispensable by this installation method.

The modular installation method requires only some auxiliary materials such as locks to join the wall during the installation process, but actually does not need to use glue and other auxiliary materials that seriously exceed the standard of formaldehyde. In the case that the raw materials are environmentally friendly materials, the green installation method is a double guarantee.

Such spc wall panels are green and pollution-free at the source and during the installation process, it is difficult to not be environmentally friendly!

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