Watching the World Cup is afraid of someone else? Try a spc elastic floor

During the World Cup, when your favorite team scored, you were excited to dance, and the sound of the floor seriously affected the rest of the people downstairs. At this time it is the turn to play on the elastic floor!

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The role of elastic flooring in life is becoming more and more important. The simplest sense of intuition is that the quality of life is greatly improved. So what is the benefit of resilient flooring for our lives?

1. Eliminate physical fatigue

Urban youths are busy traveling between cities every day. After returning home, they want to eliminate the fatigue of the body and release the fatigue of the day comfortably. Imagine going home and dragging the shoes and putting them on the floor, ah! Shutan! The elastic floor is moderately elastic, which can alleviate the weight load of the footsteps and has a certain effect of eliminating fatigue.

2. Adjust the room temperature

The elastic floor can automatically adjust the temperature and humidity in the room to reduce the occurrence of rheumatic diseases, and because of its small thermal conductivity, it has the effect of warm winter and cool summer (the insulation effect is very good). No matter what time of the year, if you sit on the elastic floor, you will feel comfortable and will not feel cold and cold. So whether you are sitting on the floor and watching the World Cup, or sitting on the floor, you will feel very good.

3. Personal safety

Daily cleaning, the floor tiles after the completion of the ground is wet and slippery. It is easy to wrestle when you walk on it. After the elastic floor is cleaned, it will not make people slip easily, but it will be easier to dry.

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4. Natural beauty

The elastic floor has beautiful and durable characteristics, smooth texture, excellent color and softness of the floor, giving a very good affinity, while the floor tiles give people a more blunt feeling, which is limited in color and style. It is difficult to show special effects. The floor of the public area of the youth community has been replaced by the original floor tiles, which are more beautiful and comfortable, and have a home atmosphere, which makes people more close.

5. There is a certain noise absorption effect

Every day in the office, in the subway, the bus is full of irritating sounds, I really want to come back home, quietly enjoy this wonderful moment, the wooden floor has the function of sound absorption, sound insulation, lowering the sound pressure, shortening the reverberation time, reducing Noise pollution, if the floor of the whole building is made of elastic floor, your life experience will be perfect.

The texture of the elastic floor is thick and warm, the color is rich and rich, the style is very noble and elegant, the visual effect is very good, the sense of sense is strong, the look is not monotonous, the color is warm, especially when the body is exhausted, the body and mind can be pleasant.

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