What are the advantages of SPC floor compared to ceramic tile?


What are the advantages of SPC floor compared to ceramic tile?

The air in the south is relatively humid, especially in the seasonal return to the south and the rainy season, the ground is wet everywhere, and it is not easy to clean and maintain. The wooden floor is also afraid of mold and arching, and the tile sticky water is also easy to slip and fall. And in winter, the whole house is "cold, icy, and hard." Therefore, most of the southerners are willing to choose the basically flawless SPC snap floor for floor decoration materials. There are eight reasons!

Reason 1. Safety

Compared with the SPC floor, the friction coefficient of the floor tile is small, and it is easy to slip, which is more serious to the elderly or children at home.

Reason 2, daily maintenance

In the eyes of many people, floor tiles are easy to maintain. In fact, this is not the case. Although the floor tiles look easy to maintain, the gaps are easy to hide dirt and scratches. The SPC splicing is seamless, and the floor can be replaced in a single piece if there is a problem.

Reason 3. Aesthetics

The SPC snap floor has the characteristics of beauty and durability. The natural wood grain texture shows the individuality. The color and elasticity of the floor are excellent, and the varieties of colors are constantly changing.

Reason 4. Substrate material

The material of the floor is very complex, there are hundreds of kinds. However, because the geothermal system limits the use range of the floor, it is a little simple for the choice of the floor suitable for the geothermal system, but the stability and ultra-thin thickness of the SPC snap floor have brought more changes to home life. Optional, available for underfloor heating.

Reason 5. Construction technology

The SPC floor comes with its own lock, which saves worry, effort and money when assembling. You can enjoy the fun of DIY by paving it yourself.

Reason 6. In terms of thermal insulation performance

SPC snap floor has advantages in thermal insulation of indoor temperature, with "warm in winter and cool in summer"

Reason 7. Cost

Installation price cost: solid wood floor>floor tile>SPC floor

Reason 8. Home Furnishing

Because the floor tiles cannot absorb moisture, the room will be colder when the humidity increases in winter. The SPC floor is more friendly, and children are willing to run around with bare feet on it. It has a comfortable foot feel and reduces noise, which is more relaxing than floor tiles, and has a pressure-relieving effect on more and more stressed urbanites.

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