What are the disadvantages of wood flooring?

What are the disadvantages of wood flooring?

1.The price is high

The price of wood flooring has always been relatively high, and there is no possibility of lowering it in the short term.

2. Poor wear resistance

Ordinary wood floor wear-resistant only 100-300 revolutions, it is best to use special paint, wear-resistant only 300 revolutions. Grind it with sandpaper for 300 revolutions under a certain pressure, the paint on the surface will be wiped off, and the wood inside will be exposed, which is very ugly. If you often drag tables and chairs around at home, or rub your feet on the floor often, the paint on the surface will wear off over time.

3. The surface is easy to oxidize

The surface paint of the wooden floor will be oxidized in the air, and the original bright surface will lose its luster and darken the color.

4. Poor impact resistance

Wood can't resist the impact very well, especially if there are children in the house, it is best not to use wood. If you accidentally drop a heavy object on the floor, it will be easy to hit a hole. Many homes have wooden floors, but there are potholes, so they have to be replaced.

5. High installation requirements

Wooden floor installation requirements are relatively high, once installed poorly, it will cause a series of problems. The consistently high complaint rate of floor installation problems illustrates this problem. This also means that from the beginning of the installation, you have to spend a lot of energy to pay attention to the installation of wooden floors.

6. Difficult to maintain

Because the stability of the wooden floor is not good enough, the indoor environment is prone to arching, warping or deformation when the indoor environment is too humid or dry. And after the paving is finished, waxing and oiling must be done frequently, otherwise the gloss of the floor surface will quickly disappear

7. High maintenance costs

All wooden floors at home need regular maintenance, usually every 2 months, including polishing, lacquering, waxing, pest control and so on. It is a consumable product and the price is very high.

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